One On One with the Legendary DJ Tyrone Mixx

Ty Mixx @ The GENERATOR – Chicago 1995 Photo Courtesy of Tyrone Mixx

DJ Tyrone Mixx is synonymous with the wonder years of Chicago’s black gay club scene. He was right there during House music’s heyday at legendary clubs, including Sandy’s 2, Rialto’s, The Amen Corner 2, Martin’s Den, Stop & Drink, The GENERATOR, and Club Escape. In this recently discovered interview from 2014, he speaks of everything from the time when he hacked a low powered radio transmitter signal to broadcast to his neighbors, how his admiration of a beautiful black bartender led him to DJ at the Rialto’s, and that Memorial Day Weekend in 1993 when The GENERATOR first opened its doors. It was so fun to go back down memory lane with this 2019 Frankie Knuckles Foundation/Chosen Few DJs House Music Hall of Fame Member.

You can listen to the full interview with DJ Tyrone Mixx by clicking below.

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Tyrone’s Corrections
There are several corrections to locations and dates. Martin’s Den was on 55th and South State Street. The 411 was at 411 East 63rd. JCs Touch was on the far western end of 63rd Street. The Women’s Social Club was in an event hall located at 63rd and Martin Luther King Drive. Some people tell me that the hall was called The Sculpture Room. I spoke of riding my motorcycle to the Amen Corner in the spring of 1995. I meant to say 1985. When I first went to the Stop & Drink, there was no house music, dance floor, or DJ. When I asked if I could do live sets at the Stop & Drink, I offered to do it for free, and that’s how things got underway at the Stop & Drink. In my entire time living in Chicago, I never pushed an existing DJ out of a job.