Traxx Girls Inc.

Melissa Scott has taken the lesbian community by storm offsetting the nation’s freshest entertainment events for women of color. Melissa learned the language of the club promotions business as a young child. An Augusta Georgia by way of Baltimore, Maryland native, her father has successfully owned and operated nightclubs since her childhood.   “I remember sneaking into my father’s strip clubs and taking inventory of liquor at age nine. I have been motivated by the family business of club ownership and promotions.”  Watching, listening and learning the proper delivery of successful event promotions management instilled the values needed for Melissa’s future success.

    As a graduate of Paine College with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, Melissa Scott knows how to work the facts and figures of producing progressive entertainment ventures.  unafraid of her female stance promoters have been drawn to her ambition. she has booked high profile celebrities to host entertainment and major sporting events. This developed her positive image as Augusta’s elite DJ and promoter. Always ready for a next challenge, Mellissa Scott set her sights on Atlanta, Georgia. She began traveling to Atlanta every weekend to DJ at special events and parties for Atlanta’s GLBT audience.

   She was named DJ M while working with the premiere alternative event promotions company for women. Once DJ M moved to Atlanta, she stilled traveled to Augusta weekly to continue promoting her entertainment events she offset in Augusta.  Her reputation superseded her skills as different promotional companies lined up to collaborate and offset events produced through her upgraded caliber.

    Traxx Atlanta, 21 years in the GLBT event promotion business asked DJ M to create a female entity of Traxx titled, “Another Family Affair, it would become an instant success causing DJ M to take her promotions vision to another level. 6 months later, Traxx Girls, Inc., was born.

    Since April 2006, Traxx Girls Inc., has been on the cutting edge of alternative entertainment, choosing some of the nations most noteworthy cities to showcase our events. Traxx Girls Inc’s unblemished  record has caused promoters to request collaborative events in New York, Charlotte, Orlando, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Memphis, Indianapolis, New Orleans,  Miami, Canada, the UK and Sweden.  Traxx Girls Inc. , ensures the ultimate entertainment experience with precise planning and attention to detail giving the gorgeous women of the world an atmosphere to enjoy.  Traxx Girls Inc.,  emphasizes fun, creativity and artist-free form expression for the alternative urban chic.

    Traxx Girls Inc.,  began as an entertainment group hosting events for women of color but all nationalities frequent the events every Thursday through Sunday in Atlanta and three alternative destination weekend events in Miami, New Orleans and Atlanta.

    Traxx Girls Inc., was the winner of’s Promoter of the Year, Female for 2009 to learn about the awards visit  for more information on Traxx Girls Inc., visit