Tickets on sale now for The Last Gatekeeper!

Hello Supporter, 

I’m happy to announce that tickets are on sale for the first public presentation of That Last Gatekeeper at The Tank. My goal for this workshop is to experiment with all the elements that will be in the final production: holographic projections, a chorus of ancestor spirits, dancers, a live band, and sound design. I know…I do too much, but it will be magical. 

I hope you can come out on October 9, at 7PM EST and experience this part of the journey with me. You can buy $15 tickets for the performance or the live stream HERE

Again thank you for following my artistic journey. I appreciate you. 

Much love, 


The Last Gatekeeper is a three-act, Afro-futurist, musical theater experience, inspired by the teachings of West African shaman and scholar Malidoma Patrice Somé. The term Gatekeeper refers to the indigenous belief that those who express themselves as same-gender loving (SGL) maintain the portals between the physical and spiritual worlds. They are guardians who restore balance and harmony when there is crisis in the community.

The story deals with a dystopian future, a world destroyed by greed and catastrophic natural disasters, a totalitarian government, a second generation West African mother who holds the last hope for humanity in her womb, a spiritually gifted SGL youth, and an ancient prophecy to be fulfilled.

Directed by John-Martin Green, Choreography by Germaul Barnes, Vocal Arrangements by Crystal Monee Hall, Original Score Composed and Written by Germono Toussaint