Tall, Light and Handsome: An interview of Larry “Phylle” Carter

Photos Courtesy of Larry “Phylle” Carter

Everything is coming up roses for Atlanta based crooner Larry “Phylle” (pronounced Phillie) Carter II these days. His song “I LOVE HIM” qualifies for Grammy consideration. He wrote the song to give his fans an idea about what his relationship to partner Antoine Nolan Carter meant to him.  This past summer he appeared in the Atlanta Company production of James Early Hardy’s B. Boy Blues: The Play directed by Stanley Bennett Clay.  In January 2014 Carter and his best friends KJ and Moe entered in the web series arena with Boyz Next Door, a reality show about the brotherhood of three black gay men who reside in Atlanta.

Recently Larry and Antoine appeared at a Georgia Marriage Equality rally, a subject that hit home with both gentlemen.  In November of 2013 the Carters exchanged vows in Washington, DC since the couple resides in Atlanta they hope the state of Georgia would someday recognize their marriage.  “If you live in your truth, your truth will make a way for your gifts,” said Larry.  Here’s what else he shared in our audio interview.

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