Authors of Note

Skin Deep with Biodun Abudu

This story first appeared on February 26, 2012 Biodun Abudu is a fashion designer, performer and writer. He was born in Providence,  Rhode Island and reared in Nigeria birthplace of his parents.  Abudu’s debut novel “Tales […]

Authors of Note

Author and Journalist Donovan Russo Brings LGBTQ Storytelling and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to Superhero Genre in Gripping First Novel Steven’s War

By  | February 18, 2021 LGBTQ people and issues were missing from the superhero and vigilante books that author and college student Donovan Russo read growing up and now his own talented writing is changing […]

Music & Radio Personalities

One on One with The Mighty Marcellus

Photos courtesy of  Marcellus Onassis/Celleau Productions Chicago native, Marcellus Shields aka “Marcellus Onassis” always knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry but was not sure exactly what he wanted to do.  At the […]

Authors of Note

Author of Note: J.R. Dewesse

Photos courtesy of J.R. Dewesse Dallas resident Michael Brown aka J.R. Dewesse teaches high school and college level English. Dewesse has published two books, TO BE LOVED and THE KISS OF LIFE. Dewesse originally wrote LOVED in 2004 and the KISS began […]