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Actor Filmmaker discusses Losing Hope the series

Cover Photography and Styling by Jerris Madison The dramatic scripted series, Losing Hope touches on several themes from interracial dating, racism, family issues, and depression. The series explores the lives of African American, Latino, multiracial, homosexual, sexually […]

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Pride On Film: Interview of Nelson Moses Lassiter

Photos Courtesy of Nelson Moses Lassiter Influenced by Martin Scorsese and George Lucas writer/filmmaker, Nelson Moses Lassiter strives to be an iconic filmmaker in his own rite.  The Philadelphia born/New York based filmmaker is the […]

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Pride On Film: TRIANGLE the WEB series

Carlos Harris Photo Credit : TRIANGLE the WEB series’ Facebook Page Ballroom Throwbacks (BRTB TV) creator and videographer Ceasar Williams goes straight for the jugular with TRIANGLE, the web series he co-directs with writer Carlos Harris. […]