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Someone You Should Know: LaMont Wheat

Photos Courteous of  LaMont Wheat LaMont Wheat is a songwriter, recording artist, publisher and activist.  Wheat founded the SKIN project, a community project that supports individuals and organizations in creating unity, acceptance, love in humanity by […]

Someone You Should Know

Introducing Shahid Manning, Man of the Millennia

Photos by Shahid Manning Shahid Manning, the Executive Director and Founder of Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation (MSE Foundation),a 501c(3) organization – its mission:  “ To Transform Homophobia through Film, Television &  Media”.  Mr. Manning, the 2007 […]

Someone You Should Know

In Touch with Cleo Manago

Cleo Manago, 44, founder of the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX) and AmASSI National Health & Cultural Centers, is one of the high profile people in the not for profit health, wellness and social services sector. He has written over $11 million in successful grant proposals for programs for services that were targeted for diverse ethnic and sexual communities. […]

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BUTCH Voices Conference 2011

PrideIndex spoke with Joe LeBlanc about the BUTCH Voices Conference 2011 PRIDEINDEX: In two sentences describe the BUTCH Voices Conference to a newcomer. What should they expect to see? JOE: An attendee should expect to […]

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Traxx Girls Inc.

Melissa Scott has taken the lesbian community by storm offsetting the nation’s freshest entertainment events for women of color. Melissa learned the language of the club promotions business as a young child. An Augusta Georgia […]