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Blowing the roof off the beauty queen factory. Bárbara López on “Señorita 89” and on being part of a beloved queer couple

By mtrasandes GLAAD.org | February 27, 2022 “Pretty on the outside, scary on the inside” describes the sumptuous mountain lair, La Encantada, where a group of women vying to become Miss Mexico are taken in the new series Señorita […]

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The GuadaLAjara Film Festival (GLAFF) arrives in LA

By Mauricio Montes GLAAD.org | October 28, 2021 The GuadaLAjara Film Festival (GLAFF) celebrates the best of Latin American cinema while providing a platform for emerging LGBTQ+ and BIPOC talent and creators! GLAFF takes place November 4-6, 2021 in Downtown Los […]