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In Memoriam: Stephaun Elite Wallace

PrideIndex was saddened to learn about the passing of the 2023 Esteem Award for Outstanding Healthcare Professional National Dr. Stephaun E. Wallace. A message on his Instagram page reads: “Today at 10:27 am, Dr. Stephaun […]

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Celebrating the life of an icon

Photo from Mama Gloria screening at The Chicago South Side Film Fest in November 2021. A celebration of life for Esteem Award winner – Chicago transgender rights icon “Mama” Gloria Allen will take place Thursday, […]

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Monica Roberts RIH

Photo Credit  (c) Eric Edward SchellI was saddened to hear the news that transgender rights advocate/activist Monica Roberts has transitioned. She was a powerful advocate using her platform to speak out against discrimination and violence.  […]

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TDOR In Memoriam

We remember the names of the transgender people whose lives have been lost to anti-trangender violence over the years and continue to demand increased and accurate media coverage of transgender people in their lives and […]

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In Memoriam: Frankie Knuckles

Francis Warren Nicholls, Jr., (January 18, 1955– March 31, 2014) better known as Frankie Knuckles, was an American DJ, record producer and remixer. He played an important role in developing and popularizing house music in Chicago during the 1980s, when the […]

LGBTQ And African American History Icons

In Memoriam: Vernita Gray

Photo courtesy of Vernita Gray From 2010 Esteem Awards Longtime gay rights activist and 2010 PrideIndex.com Esteem Award winner Vernita Gray has died.Ms Gray was most recently known for her part in the marriage equality […]

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In Memoriam: Kashan Fields 1977-2014

In Memoriam: Kashan Fields Singer/Songwriter Kashan Ray Fields, 36, has a passed away.  According to sources, the popular performer died on Saturday January 4, 2014. Fields was a regular fixture on the music circuit performing […]