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From Paris to MILON

Actress, author, and androgynous model, Milon V. Parker puts her heart into everything she does.  She began her modeling career at the age of 26 working for Journey Creative Design Studio posing for the Hard Candy Stud […]

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Pride On Film: Rag Tag

Reunited after 10 years apart, London-based childhood friends Raymond and Tagbo – otherwise known as Rag and Tag – begin to discover how deep their bound truly is.  While Rag struggles to find his place in the […]

Pride On Film

The LezView Show

The LezView Show was founded January 23, 2010. The LezView forum offers information and spirited discussions on local and national issues for both the LGBT and greater community on inclusive topics such as parenting, relationships, […]

Pride On Film

Woke Up Black

“Woke up Black,” is the first feature length documentary by activist Mary F. Morten. The film follows the lives of five African-American youth. “Moviegoers will see a glimpse of the lives of 5 black youth, […]