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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Clay Cane 347.772.8561 WWRL 1600 PRESENTS “CLAY CANE LIVE” October 25, 2011 – WWRL 1600, New York’s progressive radio station is proud to announce Equality Pride Radio, programming geared to […]

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One on One with Anna DeShawn of E3 Radio

Anna DeShawn is a Chicago-born social entrepreneur who made her passion a reality when she founded E3 Radio in 2004. E3 Radio prides itself on producing authentically-edgy socially conscious media. The voices listeners hear on […]

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The Tele Universe

 Aymar “AJ” Christian is a doctoral student in communications at the Annenburg School at the University of Pennsylvania.  His writings have appeared in prominient national publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.   Christian’s […]

Music & Radio Personalities

Keeping Up With Ms. Jonez

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about the circumstances surrounding the founding of Get Bent Radio and why do you believe it’s so important to the LGBT community? JONEZ: Bent Radio was founded in 2009.I was looking for […]

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Author of Note: Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux is a freelance writer and blogger. He has written articles on pop culture, politics, race and sexuality for various media outlets that include The Root, AOL News,, TV One Online and […]