Something To Talk About: A Conversation with Kenan Cooper-Gilmore

Black Gay Table Talk promotes the black gay experience while inspiring, motivating and supporting each other.

PrideIndex recently reached out to the western suburbs of Chicago, where we found Kenan Cooper-Gilmore, the co-founder of Black Gay Table Talk. 

Black Gay Table Talk (BGTT) is an entertainment platform designed with passion and meaningful content. The show’s mission is to discuss, advocate for, and promote matters that affect the black gay community. 

BGTT has several series shows, including Let’s Get to Talking with Kenan & Dorian, where Kenan, along with co-host and moderator Dorian Mahonie, discusses various topics from the perspective of black gay men.

In Marriage Sessions with Domonic & Kenan, he and his partner of almost 20 years, Domonic, work to illuminate what keeps them going strong.  

In an email interview, here’s what Kenan shared with us in our first conversation, which we hope will be many more in the future.

PrideIndex (PI): Briefly give me the back story regarding the start of Black Gay Table Talk. When was it founded? 

Kenan Cooper-Gilmore (KCG): Black Gay Table Talk was established in Dec. 2022 as audio-only on all major streaming platforms before adding video. Living in a “straight” person’s world, founder Kenan C.G. wanted to help share stories, discuss happenings in the community, and amplify the voices of our brown and black LGBTQIA+ Community. From Entertainers to Artists, Designers, Social Influencers, Activists, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders in the community, BGTT is a safe place to grow, share, and inspire. 

PI: How many shows do you have to date? How often do you record them?

KCG: BGTT has several series. BGTT presents Marriage Sessions with Domonic & KenanLet’s Get to Talking with Kenan & DorianTrans Takeover (3-part Series), Tapping Into Talent, and the staple of our platform, Black Gay Table Talk. Each show focuses on different lenses into the community, enabling us to reach a broader audience and provoke discussions about matters that impact us. 

PI: Let’s talk about the team. Describe each team member’s professional background and what they bring to the show. 

KCG: Each of our guest co-hosts brings a unique perspective to the show. All different backgrounds, professional paths, and life experiences help us keep the shows authentic and entertaining.

PI: Who decides what topics are covered on the show? 

KCG: It’s collaborative! We get suggestions from listeners, viewers, co-hosts, and guests. This helps us connect with our listeners, ensure guest co-hosts are heard, and understand that no one size fits all with our community. 

PI: What is the craziest thing that happened on the show? 

KCG: During the recording of Let’s Get to Talking, we recorded two full episodes with great dialogue and some amazing advice. However, microphones were off for both entire episodes. To date, we have been unable to replicate the magic from those episodes.

PI: How do you and your co-host/spouse, Dominic, maintain a healthy professional and romantic relationship? How do you keep disagreements from spilling over into the workplace or household? 

KCG: Domonic would say that we don’t argue, but in short, we argue and then make love…Ha ha. Being serious, we try to see things from the other’s perspective. Sometimes, this isn’t easy, but by remembering the common goal of showing love and getting to the other side of the task, we always understand that togetherness isn’t just physical… It’s mental, emotional, and spiritual, and we’re both humans navigating this for the first time. Just as much grace is given as is accountability. After 20 years, it’s easier to recognize imperfections and appreciate who’s actually showing up every day. 

PI: What is your ultimate goal for the show? 

KCG: Black Gay Table Talk is an entertainment platform designed with passion and meaningful content. Our mission is to discuss, advocate for, and promote matters that affect the black gay community. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our guests to share stories, offer advice, and grow through shared experiences. We believe that by bringing individuals with a heart to share and inspire together, we can foster engaging and informative dialogue that explores a wide range of matters important to those we serve. 

PI: If someone were interested in being featured on the show, what should they do? 

KCG: Contact us immediately! You can sign up via to chat with other members or with the show. You can also email BGTT at