Si Se Pod-e. Great Latinx & LGBTQ-focused or inclusive podcasts

By  | April 9, 2021

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s such a pleasure to see LGBTQ community members hosting their own shows and getting lots of attention to boot. Here are just some of the great podcasts folks are creating.

De Pueblo, Católico y Gayhosted by Eder Díaz Santillan, explores the intersections of faith and life as gay, bi, lesbian or trans Latinx folks. Díaz Santillan was recently profiled in Q Voice News, where he said he likes to explore an individual’s journey of self-discovery and how family dynamics impacted his guest. Among the questions he asks his guests are, “How do you remember your childhood?” and “What does God mean to you?”

The Homo Homie podcast features two self-described “bold and bald” gay Latinos, Erick V. and Jose R., who use humor to tell you how “to find out what’s good in the hood.”

La Lista, a Latinx Writers podcast focuses on, you guessed it, writers, and has a cheeky point of view, as you can see from their descriptions of guests.

Mafia Gay is the brainchild of Enrique Torre Molina and Josérra Zúñiga, two Mexico City-based creatives who are passionate about LGBTQ representation and who recently were profiled in leading publication Milenio. The pair, who are also a couple, interview LGBT+ people in Spanish, from the world of politics, business, activism, diplomacy, sports,

gastronomy and other fields, about their personal and professional stories. Their goal is to interview people from the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America with the hope of inspiring and uniting our communities.

The Marquitos Show is described as a provocative podcast with a no-holds barred take on pop culture, sex, politics, LGBTQIA issues, fashion, celebrity news/gossip, travel and more titillating topics from the perspective of an urban gay Latino man.

Tamarindo Podcast is described as a “Latinx empowerment podcast discussing politics, culture, and how to keep your calma with well-being practices and self-love.” Hosted by Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino, Tamarindo was included by in a list of “12 Great Podcasts that Discuss Race and Racism in America.”  Victorino, who describes herself as a queer wellbeing enthusiast, lives in Mexico with her partner and their dog, “Chancho.” Gonzalez, US-based, desribes herself  as a political nerd who co-founded Tamarindo podcast in 2016 with the mission to use comedy and laughter to illuminate important issues impacting the Latinx community.