Shoga Films’ Queer Harlem Renaissance 101

Still from Queer Harlem Renaissance : A Prospectus (prod. by Shoga Films)

From Shoga Films monthly newsletter Autumn in New York

We’ve been talking about the Queer Harlem Renaissance for years. Now, because Netflix is releasing its screen adaptation of the Nella Larson novel Passing, Time Magazine has thrown its considerable resources into promoting The (Gay) Harlem Renaissance under the rubric, “The History You Didn’t Learn.” We can’t dispute the characterization, but none of this is news to Shoga and its followers.

Enjoy this mainstream version of Queer Harlem Renaissance 101. We think our introduction, A Prospectus, compares favorably. And *we* have Daveed Diggs as narrator! Top that, Mr. Luce.

Click here to see Queer Harlem Renaissance : A Prospectus 

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