Samuel Adams partners with GLAAD and calls on craft breweries to become safer and more inclusive spaces for all

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator | June 17, 2022

As Pride celebrations make a hopeful return, Samuel Adams is reinforcing its commitment to creating safe and inclusive spaces that bring people together to share a beer, celebrate Pride, and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Now more than ever, Samuel Adams recognizes the importance of implementing actionable resources for coworkers, drinkers, and LGBTQ+ community members at large, which is why the brewer is prioritizing inclusivity and taking its active allyship a step further. In partnership with GLAAD, Samuel Adams has identified, committed and signed the Safe Bars P.A.C.T. (Promise of Awareness, Compassion, and Trust) – a code of conduct for professional beverage organizations, trade associations, and non-professional beverage groups to sign and commit to – and is now calling on other craft breweries to do the same.

“Beer has a powerful way of bringing people together, and with that power comes responsibility. I believe craft brewers can play a critical role in providing safe and inclusive spaces for everyone to enjoy great beer, starting with our own taprooms and breweries,” says Jim Koch, Samuel Adams Founder and Brewer. “Known for our revolutionary spirit, Samuel Adams is calling on craft breweries everywhere to join us in signing the Safe Bars P.A.C.T. so we can show our Pride everyday.”

Samuel Adams will also donate $100,000 to Safe Bars* to further support the organization’s P.A.C.T. initiative and training programs in bars and craft breweries nationwide, with the goal of creating welcoming spaces for guests and safe and respectful workplaces for staff.

“It’s human nature to come together and celebrate. Everyone deserves to do that where they’re safe, respected, and valued,” says Lauren R. Taylor, Director of Safe Bars. “Safe Bars exists to train the hospitality industry in making nightlife safer and more inclusive and we’re thrilled to partner with Boston Beer and GLAAD to strengthen the craft beer community. Cheers to our diversity, and cheers to our pride.”

Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams, has already begun implementing Safe Bars de-escalation and bystander trainings as part of the Safe Bars P.A.C.T. commitment across its local breweries and taprooms. With continued support from GLAAD and Safe Bars, Samuel Adams invites all drinkers, no matter who they are, who they love, or how they express themselves, to celebrate Pride in bars and on parade routes across the country.

“Gathering with community, laughing, dreaming, and enjoying a beer has the ability to change the world. As LGBTQ communities gather in safe spaces with our friends and allies, we recognize how our community has come through so much, with so much more work ahead of us,” says Ross Murray, Vice President of the GLAAD Media Institute. “GLAAD is proud to join with Samuel Adams and Safe Bars to ensure that those gatherings are safe and welcoming.”

 Craft breweries looking to commit to the Safe Bars P.A.C.T. can learn more by visiting

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