Queer & Authentic: My Name Is…My Pronouns Are

Queer & Authentic: My Name Is…My Pronouns Are The 1st episodes, “My Name Is…My Pronouns Are” seeks to demystify the Black Queer Community.

Authors Dr. Derrick Tennial and John Collins starts Indiegogo fund to finance project to highlight members of the LGBTQIA community.

The first episodes of Q&A seek to demystify the Black Queer Community in Atlanta.  It offers viewers an opportunity to learn about black gay culture and provides a platform for this seemingly marginalized community in hopes of inspiring and enlightening the community at large.  We explore topics ranging from sexual and gender identity, sexuality and spirituality, dating and relationships, and  other social issues that affect the Black Queer Community. 

The Impact

Our mission is to be a creative voice that educates, empowers, and entertains communities of color and beyond.  Through this and other projects, we aspire to educate the community inside and outside of the queer spectrum, to empower the community to live in their authentic truth, and to entertain by presenting counter stories that add to existing narratives and challenge the status quo.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Your funding will help us produce Season 1 of Queer & Aunthentic.  This will help us cover filming costs ranging from locations, craft services, cinematography, and other general expenses.  All funds donated toward our $25,000 goal will be used to produce this and other AWM projects. 
  • ​For your generosity, we are offering various levels of recognition include co-producer, assistant, and associate producer credit and ACTIVE Works Media Swag items.

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Producer

John Collins is an author, activist, veteran, freelance writer, actor, award winning LGBT slam poet, and playwright, originally from Detroit, Michigan. John is actively developing new and enlightening projects for his growing following which covers a vast array of topics helping to affirm the unique identities of Black Gay Men. John’s literary work includes his debut novel, Virgin to the Life, Sounds of Burned Silence, Poetic Violence, Letters, and God Ain’t Call Me Fag. He is also co-author and  was co-executive producer of The Dingalogues, a stage play that celebrates the full array of black gay men from masculine to feminine. His activism seeks to promote self-love, healing, understanding, empowerment, unity, and most importantly positive representation of queer communities of color.

Co-Founder & Co-Executive Producer

Derrick is an author, educator, and workshop clinician.   He has presented throughout the United States on topics such as cultural diversity in education, compassion fatigue, HIV/AIDS, and issues of identity and sexuality.  He has published several books including Saved, Sanctified, and Same-Gender Loving, Yes, I CAN:  Confronting Your Sexual and Gender Identity, Marginalized MenTrust:  A Navigational Guide, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  He is also co-author and  was co-executive producer of The Dingalogues, a stage play that celebrates the full array of black gay men from masculine to feminine. 

Other Ways You Can Help

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