Prince of the Blogosphere

Blogger and crown Prince Sir Toddy English was born and raised in the kingdom of Houston, Texas where he attended Texas Southern University. The self-described “college graduate, job seeker, wage slave and aspiring writer” was first published in SGL Magazine where he submitted an article entitled “Why I don’t do random hook ups.” His majesty took a few moments away from his royal random rumblings that revolve around black gay issues, politics and pop culture. Here’s what the boyish prince shared with us over tea and crumpets.

PrideIndex: While looking over your blog you mentioned that you have “random rumblings,” what do you mean by that?

Toddy English: When I write my blog I never have a particular theme. I write about whatever I am feeling whether it’s a certain person or topic I like. My blog is basically an extension of me as a person.


PI: Where did you attend school? Did you study Journalism or English? Is this what lead to starting your blog?

TE: I majored in English at Texas Southern University. I started to blog in 2008 prior to graduating in 2010.  At the time I was going through a lot of stuff and I needed a way to express myself so I did it through my writings.


PI: Was writing therapeutic?

TE: Exactly!  I used writing as a way to get stuff out of my system. I continued to write long after I’d completed school. After I got over my problems my ramblings shifted towards other things I wanted to talk about such as health and wellness, movies and whatever.


PI: Is there a subject that’s too risque or taboo that you won’t touch?

TE: Nothing. I talk about anything that’s current.  I am speaking my peace and raising my voice. But it isn’t as personal as it used to be but occasionally it is. But I still talk about whatever I want to from my point of view.


PI: I’ve recently looked at your sight and there was an article on male anal hygiene.

TE: Right! It something most men don’t think about or take seriously and we all should.


PI: It’s a serious subject.

TE: No laughing matter.


PI: Have you ever written an entry on your blog about your private life? Kiss and tell.

TE: I once did but it was a huge mistake on my part because it was a revenge posting in response to a message written about me and that relationship had already crashed and burned. It was not something I was proud of writing. However it was therapy because I put all into that relationship and really had to get it out of my system so I wrote and wrote and wrote.


PI: Do you get hit on by guys who look at your site?  How do you handle flirtatious readers who send request for secret rendezvous?

TE: (Laughs) Sometimes it happens. I am not looking to meet anyone that way. I am not into meeting folks online like that. I won’t go there.toddy-product


PI: What do you like to do outside of blogging and writing?

TE: I am super-duper movie geek.  I love to collect movies, especially independent movies.


PI: What was the last good movie you saw?

TE: Fright Night


PI: I have to ask. Where did you get your name Prince Toddy English? Are you royalty?

TE: Yes! (LAUGHS) My real name is “Toddy” although fans of my blog think its “Todd.”  The “English” refers to fact that I was majored in English. Then one day out blue, I don’t remember exactly how it came about, or why but I came up with “Prince. “


PI: So you’re not royalty?

TE: I like to think that I am. (LAUGHS)


PI: We’re all Royalty in our own special way.

TE: Right (LAUGHS)

PI:  What are your goals for the future? What would you ultimately would like to be?

TE: Ideally I would to make a living as a writer. That’s what I’d like to do, that’s my passion. I’m working on a science fiction, horror story with all African Americans characters because that’s something that you don’t see too often.

To My Friends, With Love, Sincerely, Prince Toddy English – ep 1 (