Pride On Film – Finding Me: Truth

It’s been over a year since I last talked to filmmaker Roger Omeus so when I learned Finding Me: Truth his much anticipated sequel film was about to make its debut at Philadelphia Qfest 17, I immediately texted him. Luckily I caught him just hours before the film was to show, it will run again at the Ritz East 125 Second Street, Theater 2 on Saturday July 16 at 2:15PM.

PRIDEINDEX: Why did you decide to make sequel to Finding Me?

ROGER ORMEUS: It was a calling to do the sequel. When I got the response I did from the first film and the audience, I knew then I had to do another film. The response was overwhelming and I started that process to begin the next project, the fans are everything when it comes to the response to a film, they will be honest and tell you what they want.

PI: Without giving away too much of the film does RayMartell Moore, Derrick Briggs, the late actor/model Maurice Murell and J’Nara Corbin return?

RO: Yes, with more twists and turns in this plot than the last. You get a chance to see a bit more of their lives from a romantic level, friendship development and of course, drama, very interesting, very enlightening.

PI: Where does the second film pick up from?

RO: The second film picks up with Lonnie and Fabien reuniting and their story. It also visits Amera and her life and its drama, nothing spells drama like Amera. (Laughs) I don’t want to give away too much. You must go see it. I do promise it’s well written and full of action packed drama and romance!

PI: Tell us about some of the new characters in Finding Me: Truth.

RO: Truth introduces a few new characters, we have Bryn’t the rapper playing a very interesting role, Eric Joppy playing in the middle of a love triangle and a few others that bring a new light to the film. Again, if I give away too much, you will know what to expect. (Laughs) Josh Breckenridge (Broadway’s “Scotts Boro Boys) adds a new element as well, just alot of great supporting cast added, I am very excited.

PI: What did you enjoy most about making this film?

RO: Being with the cast and crew, we are a family. Their vision, united with mine, provided and created an atmosphere of awesome creativity. We listened, we cared for each other, we cried together, our successes aren’t singular, they are quite plural in the sense we shared a lot doing this film. I am very proud of them all and glad to say that we worked together very well.

PI: And least?

RO: The least is money. Money is an uphill battle when you’re creating a budget that is out of your own pocket. The lack of funds can be discouraging at points, but all in all we made it happen. Money isn’t everything in life, but making a film, it can be a deal breaker. I am glad it all came full circle and what was produced was beautiful.

PI: Finding Me: Truth plays at Qfest in Philadelphia where else do plan on showing the film?

RO: We are tentatively set to screen in North Carolina and possibly Atlanta. The final screening should be in NYC. To keep everyone updated, please make sure you go to the movie fan page on Facebook for all details, we will always let you know the details of our screenings!

PI: What other projects are you planning down the road?

RO: I do have some other projects in mind for the future. Let’s just say this isn’t the end for finding the truth!

Meet Roger Omeus and cast of Finding Me: Truth at the Official Meet N Greet Post Screening Reception on Saturday July 17 at Ms. Tootsie’s RBL 1312 South Street From 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Free admission with a live DJ and complimentary buffet