Presenting “Love Has No Labels'” #LoveLivesOn campaign: “Turn pain into purpose,” with stories of resilience from three incredible people creating change in their communities

By Allison Bloom, Communications Consultant | July 6, 2022

GLAAD is proud to present the newest roundup of PSAs from our partner Love Has No Labels. Three powerful videos show the impact everyday people living in America have had in response to tragedy. As part of our mission to accelerate acceptance, we encourage everyone to consider actions they can take to create a more inclusive and accepting world.

The first PSA shares the story of Bridgett Floyd and how she turned her pain into purpose after her brother’s life was cut short by an act of violence and injustice. Floyd ends the PSA with a call to action, stating “It’s going to take more than just us as a foundation. It’s going to take the community, the world, to help us make a change. It can’t just be us.” Learn more about her story below and at The George Floyd Memorial Foundation.

Additionally, as a part of their “Love Lives On” campaign, Love Has No Label’s newest PSA features Barbara Poma, the founder of the onePULSE Foundation. This foundation was created to honor the victims, survivors, and first responders of the Pulse NightClub shooting. In her PSA Poma says, “If you are an ally of this community, speak out. There are more of us together than apart.” Barbara Poma’s story shows how #LoveLivesOn and how you can support the LGBTQ+ community now.

Maddy Park‘s story shows how making one simple and intentional choice to act with love can help to build a more inclusive society. Love Has No Labels tells the powerful story of Park and Cafe Maddy Cab, who made that choice in the face of anti-Asian hate and discrimination. “Love is a choice you make again and again. I think that kind of love really shines through when it’s hardest to make that choice.” Park says. Watch Maddy’s story below.

Love Has No Labels is a digital hub of resources that includes ways to learn about issues of bias and discrimination, understand what actions of allyship are meaningful to specific identity groups and support organizations that are looking to create a more equitable, inclusive, and just world for communities who have been historically marginalized.

Learn more and act with love at #LoveLivesOn