Positive Affirmations on Thursday: Take control, Don’t Let it Control You

By Healing

Thursday March 14: Many of us have vices that help us to relax and deal with the business of life; some of us drink, some smoke, some engage in recreational substances and some of us even engage in intercourse. While I am not promoting any type of illegal behavior, I would like to point out that God created us out of love, and a major component of that love is the desire to see us enjoy life to the fullest. With that being said, I propose that there is nothing wrong with having a vice that helps us to enjoy life a little more…as long as the vice doesn’t cause any harm to you or anyone else. The problem comes in when we allow that vice to take over our lives.

These vices, in and of themselves, are not evil; however, allowing the vice to take control of our lives is the issue. When the desire and/or use of these vices begins to control our behavior and/or take precedence over important aspects of our lives such as family, livelihood, friendships, love life, etc…this is when we should take a step back re-evaluate the situation and take the necessary steps to take back control over our lives. I know that this is easier said than done, especially for those of us who either have an addictive personality and/or are using these vices as a coping mechanism. However, we have the power to choose abundant life and rise above any of those circumstances to regain control. God placed it in our DNA! As always it’s a matter of choice. And so it is…



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