Positive Affirmations on Thursday:  Discernment

By Healing

Thursday April 25:  I was having a conversation with my best friend about people’s perceptions of who we are and what we do. He was vacillating on whether or not he should change what he portrays to the world. My response to him was that he should never change what is on his heart to share with the world; however, he should just be a little more scrutinizing with whom he gives access to that part of himself. In a word it’s called discernment.

We often experience less than desirable responses to the image that we show the world. These responses can cause us to second guess ourselves and the choices we make. The world is known for coercing us to conform to society’s conditioning. Changing ourselves and/or our choices based on someone else’s perception is never the answer. As children of light, we are meant to represent truth in all that we do. So being genuine and walking in our individual truths is always the best path.

Another approach to take is to be more discerning in who we listen to and whose opinions we allow to have an impact on our choices. This is all part of creating the lives that we desire…and those we allow in our inner circle certainly apply here. God has blessed us all with the ability to discern, all we have to do is choose to access it. And so it is…



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