Positive Affirmations on Thursday: Self Validation 

By Healing

Thursday April 18: I was having a conversation with my best friend this morning about how people often project their own agendas onto others. I explained to him that this happens because many of us look for validation external to ourselves..e.g. relationships, wealth, success. Others who have achieved validation from within seem foreign to those who have not. True validation can never be achieved externally. Self-validation is a phenomena that can only take place from within.

The way to go about validating one’s self is to:

  1. Get to know and understand Self
  2. Accept, appreciate and approve Self
  3. Recognize the aspects of Self that we desire to change
  4. Be grateful where/who we are currently, and understand the blessing in it
  5. Achieve Self-validation

The benefit of self-validation is a centeredness/groundedness that is understood only by those who have gone through this process. Additionally, this validation comes with a peace “that surpasses all understanding”. And so it is…



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