Positive Affirmations on Thursday: Purposeful Creation

By Healing

Thursday April 4:  We live in a society that promotes unconsciousness and falsehood…this type of environment breeds unintentional choices, which beget unintentional actions and ultimately unintentional experiences. What would happen if we chose to always be purposeful with the creation process?

One of the main tenets of raised consciousness is conscious choice…this is a choice that:

  1. We are clear on specifically what it is
  2. We understand the consequences/outcome
  3. We are aware of its impact on those we’re connected to
  4. We choose all of the above

Conscious choice is one of the main pieces of the purposeful creation equation:

Belief+Choice+Action=CREATION (Inverted ABC’s if you will)

When we are purposeful/intentional in what we create, we have a very clear view of our experiences and ultimately our lives…simply because we chose them. We then create the lives we choose.

Do keep in mind that this same process happens even if we are not conscious of it. The main difference is that we are also not conscious of the consequences/outcomes, which cause us to feel like we are victims of the lives we live.

So as always, the choice is ours to make-purposeful creation v/s unconscious creation. And so it is…



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