Positive Affirmations: Stop Waiting for the Ball to Drop

By Healing

Thursday January 11: In this society, many of us have been conditioned to believe that when things are going well and/or our way that there will soon come a period where the opposite is true…we wait for the “ball to drop” so to speak. It is generally not a conscious decision to do so, but more so because we are wired that way. What we may not realize is the fact that focusing on the ball drop actually brings it closer to our life’s experience. Everything we do carries energy that accumulates and causes things to happen on the physical plane. For example, when someone has a great day and things are going their way, oftentimes the thought that we will soon have a bad day consumes our thoughts, and before you know it a bad day is exactly what happens. What if we did something different?

What if we decided to stay present in the “now” moment and focused on the blessings that we experience at any given moment? As I have said before, what we focus on we create and perpetuate. As we choose to see the blessings in all things we create/perpetuate the energy of being blessed and thus we experience more blessings. As we really get good at this, we experience abundant blessings. Inevitably, we will experience situations and events that we would prefer to not experience, but we can still count it all joy as these occurrences exist to teach, strengthen, and move us towards progress. So, take time to stop and smell the roses and stop waiting to be pricked by the thorns…our lives will improve drastically by just implementing this one change.

And so it is…



M.ind O.ver M.atter (M.O.M.) was founded in 2007 by Corky Henderson, who, after a spiritual awakening took on the pen name of Healing.