Our Favorite YouTube channels for/by African American gay males

For our first annual Favorite YouTube channels featuring content for/by African American gay males, we made a point to review a diverse range of close to one hundred channels. While many of them offer their podcast content on platforms like TikTok, Spotify, Apple, and SoundCloud, we’ve included them in our review to ensure inclusivity. Each entry was graded on an overall scale of one (lowest) and ten (highest). We tried to be impartial and review at least three episodes of content creation to get a clearer picture of each show. In the end, we believe you will find our choices representative and considerate.

#1 Black Gay Comic Geek #SUBSCRIBERS: 8.62K #Videos: 755 

DESCRIPTION: WELCOME TO MY SAFE GAYVEN. Micheal Simeon loves superheroes, fantasy, magick (yes, with a K), and he’s a nerd. He reviews movies, TV shows, video games, comics, and trailers and does about movie news; if he sees something he’s interested in, he’s talks about it.

#2 Wyatt O’Brian Evans #SUBSCRIBERS: 6.27K #Videos: 103

DESCRIPTION: Wyatt O’Brian Evans is the quintessential Renaissance man. He is a Journalist, Author, Radio Personality, and Intimate Partner Violence and abuse (IPV/A) Subject Matter Expert (SME).

As a Journalist, Mr. Evans’ work has been featured in print and online media, including the Huffington Post, Advocate, Washington Post, Baltimore Gay Life, Bilerico, Washington Blade, and BaltimoreOUTloud. He created Wyattevans.com, a leading LGBTQ news, features, and commentary outlet.

#3 Black Gay Table Talk #SUBSCRIBERS:10.4K #Videos: 84 

DESCRIPTION: Black Gay Table Talk™ offers quality entertainment with fun, thought-provoking segments. Our mission is to promote our community and social presence while maintaining all inclusion. They strive to celebrate the greatness of our LGBTQIA+ family while sharing the Black Gay experience in America.

#4 Team Rayceen #SUBSCRIBERS:1.09K #Videos: 904

DESCRIPTION: Since 2014, Team Rayceen Productions has created community events and online content to entertain, inform, educate, and inspire.

#5 Surface Level Podcast #SUBSCRIBERS: 4.48K #Videos: 274 

DESCRIPTION: This weekly show is hosted by longtime friends Jordan, Damon, and Tony, it explores the complexities of the Black and Queer experience. Through personal stories, dynamic guests, and curious conversations, this series offers a nuanced understanding of identity, race, and sexuality that goes beyond the surface level, with a touch of humor and a fearless willingness to challenge the norm.

#6 Black Gay History Channel #SUBSCRIBERS: 8.99K #Videos: 595 

DESCRIPTION: A YouTube vlog celebrating the historical achievements of Black Gay and same gender loving men. 

#7 Kerry and Pierre #SUBSCRIBERS: 18.8K #Videos:168 

DESCRIPTION: A Gay safe space where this couple share their stories about being gay, gay life, gay love, love, life, fitness, relationship advice, and future goals. They interview other gay couples, gay friends, straight friends, and other crazy stuff gays experience during our lives. They also do pop culture reviews.

#8 Dear Black Gay Men #SUBSCRIBERS:11.1K #Videos: 512

DESCRIPTION: This show’s purpose is to be the voice of the gay culture: talking to Black gay men, about Black gay men, and for Black gay men in ways that takes us forward.

#9 The Busy Boys Uncensored #SUBSCRIBERS:1.53K #Videos: 35

DESCRIPTION: The Busy Boys Uncensored podcast is centered around four black and brown queer individuals; Mayce Vassago, Damontae Hack, Jah Whitehead, and Sekani Nolasco. These working artists come from different backgrounds which helps to bring more awareness to expressing themselves in their continuously growing bond. They like to have fun but are also willing to learn and grow from these experiences.

#10 Meet The Mazelins #SUBSCRIBERS:17.3K #Videos:173 

DESCRIPTION:  Brian and Alec are a married same-sex couple navigating a cross-cultural relationship.

With their channel, they hope to inspire others, particularly those from the LGBTQ+ community, who might aspire to live their best lives and love simultaneously. Having come from conservative African American and Caribbean households, they never grew up with many examples to follow when it came to relationships. Sharing their journey is their little way of helping others grappling with the same reality or wanting a sneak peek into this couple’s everyday lives.

#11 Full Of Love or Pop The Balloon | Gay Edition By RioTV #SUBSCRIBERS:7.49K # Videos:12

DESCRIPTION: An elevated gay blind dating game show focusing on Black love. 14 queer men are gathered to find love based on attraction, style, and chemistry. Is judging other gay men based on perceived “masculinity,” what gay men are about? We will find out in this “Find Love or Pop The Balloon” episode.

#12 Enrique Marcial & Dequiante Brown tied (This couple has individual channels but often records together.)

#12 Enrique Marcial # SUBSCRIBERS: 2.11K # Videos:10

DESCRIPTION: Enrique Marcial‘s vlog captures his life’s moments as he journeys towards his dreams.

#12 Dequiante Brown # SUBSCRIBERS: 6.83K # Videos: 70

DESCRIPTION: This is Dequiante Brown’s video journal of his life’s moments and experiences. join him as he embraces a positive lifestyle. he hopes to create a community where authenticity thrives, self-love reigns, and every step forward is a celebration.

#14 Sincerely_Lutfy # SUBSCRIBERS: 5.01K # Videos: 62

DESCRIPTION: Laughter, Love, and Conversations. In no particular order… We like his gay-lebrity and street interviews.

#15 THE JÉVON ROOM # SUBSCRIBERS: 2.13K # Videos: 28

DESCRIPTION: Marc-Levi, Bradley, and Archie return for another season to discuss their experiences of interracial dating, sexual liberation, the inclusion of black queer people within the use of the term ‘pro-black,’ and much more!

Other Notable YouTube platforms we like: Walter Lee Hampton II, Quincy Jay, Nico Aesthetic, The Alfred Platform, and SaySoTV.