Novelist Delvon Johnson addresses issues with ‘Down Low’ Author JL King



Janese Dallas

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NEW YORK Feb. 17—Local black gay novelist Delvon Johnson, author of the critically-acclaimed book Love Yourself First, announced an upcoming Press Conference today addressing his ongoing difficulties with On The Down Low author JL King. King, who operates Urban Moon and JL King Publishing, both vanity publishing houses, has been soliciting thousands of dollars from aspiring authors of color for “marketing” and “publication” services, which he has apparently not delivered. Mr. Johnson, seeking to promote and market Love Yourself First, met with Mr. King last summer in Atlanta for the purpose of arranging for Mr. King to represent Mr. Johnson and his book. Upon arrival in Atlanta, Mr. King assured Mr. Johnson that he could, in fact, make Love Yourself First a “national bestseller”, and give Mr. Johnson exposure on TV, radio, and print media. A $1500 fee was agreed upon with an open-ended contract, and Mr. King held a photo shoot for Mr. Johnson, the purpose of which was to promote, market, and announce Mr. Johnson and his book.

However, after these photos were taken, Mr. King used them, without Mr. Johnson’s consent, on Mr. King’s website, to promote himself, rather than Mr. Johnson. During Mr. Johnson’s stay in Atlanta, Mr. King also made unsolicited sexual advances towards Mr. Johnson via text messages. In spite of this, Mr. Johnson continued to maintain a professional relationship with Mr. King, in the belief that Mr. King, through his celebrity and industry experience, could advance Mr. Johnson’s career to a higher level.

Subsequent agreements were made in which Mr. Johnson agreed to assist Mr. King in promoting Mr. King’s works and publishing houses, in lieu of cash payments to Mr. King.   As time went by, Mr. King failed to deliver any tangible marketing or representation services to Mr. Johnson, while continuing to demand upfront cash payments. It is Mr. Johnson’s belief that Mr. King is using his celebrity and notoriety within the black gay community to take advantage of authors who are seeking to develop their literary careers. By publicly describing his experience with JL King, Mr. Johnson hopes to prevent others from becoming victimized by Mr. King.

Mr. Johnson’s Press Conference will take place on Sunday, February 27, on the second floor at The Aurora, 475 W. 57th Street, New York City, beginning at 1 PM.

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