MOGUL: A Novel by Terrance Dean


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Entertainment industry insider and author of the Essence bestselling Memoir, HIDING IN HIP HOP, returns with a highly-anticipated novel that explores the secret gay life of a hip-hop’s impresario

MOGUL: A Novel

By Terrance Dean

With the publication of Hiding in Hip-Hop, the controversial Essence bestselling expose that set the entertainment industry on its ear, Terrance Dean, who has worked in television and film for well over a decade, became the voice of African American men in Hollywood and in Hip-Hop who conduct clandestine same-sex relationships. Through revealing yet discreet anecdotes about his liaisons with the rich and famous who were also on the “DL,” Dean’s provocative and candid account brought to light a hidden gay subculture that insiders have been well aware of for years.

Now, with his debut novel, MOGUL (Atria Books Paperback Original; On-sale date: June 14, 2011; ISBN: 9781451611922; $15.00), Dean once again returns to this subject matter as he entices readers to play the guessing game about the real-life celebrities who serve as inspiration for his larger-than-life characters. In a literary style that’s E. Lynn Harris meets Zane, Dean presents a fictional page-turner about a beloved music industry genius who’s launched the careers of the hottest stars in hip-hop but also harbors a secret that could destroy his life and empire.

Aaron “Big A.T.” Tremble, an athletically gifted teenager from Brooklyn, discovers he is attracted to George, one of the most popular basketball stars at his school and soon, the two become embroiled in a secret romance as they juggle studies, gym practice and girlfriends. A year later during their senior year, George announces he is moving to California for college. While Big A.T. is heartbroken, he pours himself into his music to forget George and begins producing for local rappers in his neighborhood. After a chance meeting with the retired kingpin of hip-hop, Larry “Pop” Singleton, Big A.T.’s life is forever changed as he becomes Pop’s protégé and a member of the “family”—a network of secretly gay men in the industry who will eventually become instrumental in helping him launching his own music label. Attracting the biggest names in the industry, Big A.T. has the Midas touch with millions of dollars in the bank, real estate holdings, luxury cars, and countless fans. He’s built a bona fide empire but along the way, Big A.T. falls hard for one of his artists, the sexy Tickman. They love each other but know they must keep their relationship a secret and to keep any press speculation about their sexuality at bay, each becomes involved in relationships with high-profile women. However, unbeknownst to Big A.T., a journalist seeking revenge against hip-hop power brokers and looking for his 15 minutes of fame obtains compromising photographs that threaten to expose the truth about Big A. T. Will his life crumble in the wake of a huge scandal or will Big A.T. survive—and out of the closet forever?

Terrance Dean has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years with heavy hitters such as Spike Lee, Rob Reiner, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and Anjelica Houston. He has worked with television and film production companies such as BET, Savoy Television, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Sony Pictures. Most recently, Dean worked with MTV Networks for over six years helping to produce live award shows and events including MTV Video Music Awards, Movie Awards, Hip Hop Honors, Rock Honors, Sports & Music Festival, and Choose or Lose. Dean is also the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Inc. and co-creator of The Gathering of Men with Adeyemi Bandele. He attended Fisk University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Dean is a 2005 John Seigenthaler Journalism Fellow from Vanderbilt University and served as a writer-in-residence with the Detroit Public School system. He is a contributor to the anthologies Souls of My Brothers and Gone Too Soon and his writings have appeared in publications such as Vibe, Essence, Juicy, The Advocate and Fatherhood Today.

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MOGUL: A Novel

By Terrance Dean

Atria Books Paperback Original

On-sale Date: June 14, 2011

ISBN: 9781451611922

$15.00/320 pp.