Miko Evans: Trailer blazer & Chief Visionary

Photos courtesy of Miko Evans’ Facebook Page

Miko Evans is a man of many talents. He is a singer, songwriter, visual artist and CEO/Executive Producer of Meak Productions, the world’s first LGBT exclusive Talent Agency, Casting and Production Company. The company, whose predecessor firms were MAE Associates, was founded in 2003.  Atlanta based Meak Productions is a trailblazing organization that lists many first. Among them are, the first online radio media in the city, the first organization to have live broadcasts of events and community town hall meetings, and held the first organization in the city to hold an International Day Against Homophobia.

Evans is one of Atlanta’s urban gay socialites the entrepreneur and activist can often be found at the city’s networking events.  His company is full-fledged services outfit made up of five divisions; Special Projects/Events Coordination, Talent Agency, LGBT Music label, Media and Pro Adult Entertainment.   In 2009 it launched a media division which has four online radio shows on YouTube. Each month the Various Artist Talent Showcase features music by independent and underground LGBT artist.

We spoke with Evans by telephone as he prepared for an event to celebrate his birthday on November 15.  He shared with us why he started Meak Productions; his latest venture, The History of Black Gay America and why the company saved his life.

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For more about the Talent Agency visit www.meakproductions.com

To learn more about the Media Division visitwww.media.meakproductions.com

To submit your music to Various Artist Talent Showcase visit www.facebook.com/VariousArtistLGBT