Merry-Go Round Marathon Circuit

From Selected Writings by Marcel Christian LaBeija ©1988 & 2002 in Legends, Statements & Stars Magazine Feb 2003 Marcel Photo credit Edwin Lugo

Hip-Hop, let’s start!

To tell this story right from the start

It takes a lot of heart

Of what goes down

On the Marathon Circuit

It takes a whole lot of words

For you to know the deal

Cherisse Ebony won a trophy

Just for being real

For looking like a man

The face, the effect

What do you expect?

She’s the best butch yet.

So right there

Come here now

The carnival has come to town

Watch this show

This sets the test

Who will win

And be the best

Who will walk?

And who will not

Who will start?

And who will stop

The Legends there are

watching you

So what is it you plan to do?

To win that trophy from that man

Even though he is your friend

But he’s a La Beija

And you are not

Your house comes first and that is that

Winning trophies when you better

That takes you up the Drag Ball ladder

You wannna be a star and this you know

So get your tens and take the show

Get your money and the awards

So you can pretend that you are bored

With this and that and all and such

Oh Please, Miss Thing you are too much.

Too much for coffee

Too much for t ea

If you walking for Grand

You’re too much for me.

You want that trophy eleven feet tall

You can win one at a Drag Ball

A twelve-hour affair, half around the clock

It’s a series of contest

Somebody’s got to win

If you can’t take it then clap for a friend

You got First place

He got GRAND Prize

You were a nine

He was a ten.

Michael Ebony, a real good looker

Walked in a category “Male Hooker”

He was the best of the butch queen men

Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten

Give him the money, the cash award

Cause he’s got face, face, face.

Margo—she’s no longer here

But when she was

You could hear the crowd cheer

And call her legendary names

She is gone but she left her fame

For all to remember, from June to December

We salute, Margo in Tribute.

The pop, dip and spin for the performance whiz

The bangy boy for the homeboy kid

For business wear and all the effect

You have to shop and collect

And bring forth to the Judges all you need

For you to win and them to be pleased

Cause you wanna give it to you.

But you must try

To convince the Panel

Your look is no lie

Your attempt is real

Your clothes cost money

You know the deal honey.

It’s a Merry-Go-Round, this Marathon Circuit

When you get ball fever, you can’t

desert it

So hit the floor and let them judge.

Make them give you what you want

You can make them budge

Serve punishment all over the place

You have a luscious body, unspookable face

You walk in lovely heels

You have a lovely chest

You’re a Grand prizewinner

You’re one of the best

You have the crowd behind you

They’re for your cause

Judges give you awards

They give you applause

Judges give you tens

They give you respect

All you have to do

Is give the effect

All you have to do

Is simply be real

Put on a dress

You know the deal

The circus is in town

Get on the Merry-Go-Round

Cause everything is perfect on the Marathon Circuit.

Ballroom Quotable:

“There are different definitions of a house on a 1 thru 10 scale that range from negative to positive. A house should have all the rudiments of family and could function like one.  Unfortunately it could be dysfunctional, but I hope that house members would be supportive and have a relationship that is positive and encourage one another.”    

Marcel Christian La Beija

(The name “LaBeija” has been corrected.)