Make Sure You Are Ready to Vote on #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

By Solby Lim | September 28, 2021 From

Today is National Voter Registration Day! In a year when voter restrictions are being enacted around the country, it’s essential that everyone who can vote does. Be sure you are prepared to use your vote and make your voice heard on the issues so important to the LGBTQ community. Take a moment to go visit to check your registration status, change your registration or register to vote for the first time. 

Fun fact: there are over 4,000 local elections coming up this year on November 2 across the country! Plus, there are governor’s debates happening tonight for gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey so that viewers can get a sense of what each candidate stands for and what their platforms are. Check out our partners at to learn more about specific elections or what’s happening in your state.

LGBTQ voters demonstrated their power in the 2020 election, with 93% of registered LGBTQ voters casting their ballot in 2020— 25% of whom were first-time voters! It’s time to show up again and elect officials who will protect LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities. It’s time to make our collective concerns heard and ensure our rights are being championed on local and national levels.

To make sure you can vote successfully in your election and to get additional voter information, check that you are registered or register with our friends at Headcount by visiting It only takes a few minutes to confirm so that you can have a say on important issues and policies in the upcoming elections. Gather your friends, family, and loved ones to make sure you and your community can vote for policies and candidates that will support LGBTQ+ people every step of the way.