LGBT Detroit Announces the Milestone 30th Anniversary Celebration

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A. Nzere Kwabena, Executive Director
(313) 397-2127 ext. 110

October 17, 2023, Detroit, MI: The Board of Directors of LGBT Detroit is pleased to announce a milestone.  In October 2024, LGBT Detroit will be 30 years old.  Additionally, the Board of Directors of LGBT Detroit has been tasked to create art, secure capacity, and capture the movement’s voices, culminating in a celebration in October 2024.

By preserving three decades of legacy, the 30th-anniversary project, named LGBT Detroit | 30, aims to celebrate with three goals framing the effort.

Goal one is acknowledging the organizations past and educating the public on LGBT Detroit’s impact. The next goal is to secure financial resources and, Finally, the third is to prepare for the next 30 years,” states Antonio Johnson-Seals, President of LGBT Detroit.

The first gal focuses on archival work, recognition, and public education. A documentary to retrospectively chart the growth and impact of the company is in development. “We intend to recognize the people who created the foundation for recognizing our identities and to work with our local elected officials to help celebrate this uniqueness. That is LGBT Detroit,” says LGBT Detroit executive Director A. Nzere Kwabena.

“We are planning a significant capital campaign to ensure the program is robust, says Terrel A. White, LGBT Detroit board member. “We will arrange a large fall gala for October 2024 with an exciting person to deliver a powerful keynote addressing what living in an intersection is like.”  Other smaller events throughout the year will allow people to learn about and contribute to our mission. “Additionally, we want to create a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure the work continues and make outcomes,” says White.  Lastly, an extensive community survey to create a modern “Green Book” listing all the incredible talent in the LGBT+ movement.

LGBT Detroit invites you to join us for this important day, where we will celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments and plan for the future.  There are incredible opportunities to network, meet creators, and deepen your understanding of the movement and options for those looking to become a part of the movement.

On October 24, 2024, in Detroit, MI, LGBT Detroit hosts an anniversary ceremony with a reception and appreciation dinner in honor of all those who have contributed to the growth of our business. We look forward to celebrating with you.

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LGBT Detroit, founded in 1994, commits to furthering its mission, increasing the prominence and visibility of Detroit’s LGBT culture, and building a strong, healthy, and vibrant community, with a focus on economic and racial justice, health care disparities, global sexual freedoms and expressions, and anti-discrimination policies.  LGBT Detroit activates, amplifies, and sustains LGBT+ culture, education, advocacy, and human rights.