Legends, Statements & Stars Magazine Classics #4: Earthly Angel, an interview of Stanley Angel

Photos Courtesy of Stanley Angel

Stanley Angel, 33, started walking balls more than a decade ago first in the house of Chanel International later he became Father Milan. Since 2000 he’s been in the house of Angel where he remains firmly planted. The Cirque du Soleil enthusiast finds inspiration from a variety of sources including yoga and rhythmic gymnastics;  surprisingly he has few rivals.

Legends: What was the first ball you’ve ever walked?

Angel: I cannot remember the first ball I went to but it was back in the early 90’s.  It was around the same time I used to be with a dancing troupe called New World and around the same time that I was in the house of Chanel International.

Legends: Number of wins/Where:

Angel: I’ve won for New Way and in many Old Way vs. New Way battles but I really could not tell you because I’ve never kept track.

Legends: Any influences?

Angel: There’s Jose Xtravaganza, Willie Ninja, Jose Revlon and the late Jerome Penda’vis.

Legends: Any Rivals?

Angel: Personally I do not have any rivals; I’m some one else’s rival or some might mention that Jose Revlon, Damien and Aviance are my rivals because they’d like to see us in battle for New Way.  I’ve always wanted to battle with Jerome Penda’vis.   People say that I am the most flexible one out there but when I look at either Jose Xtravaganza or Revlon I think they’re flexible too. But I do not consider anyone as a rival people have told me they consider me to be their rival.

Legends: How do you come up with your moves; do you choreograph them?

Angel: You can try to plan but moves are not choreographed it just does not happen when you’re in the heat of competition. As an artist you sometimes get nervous or too excited; you have to remain calm and in control.  Sometimes you have to be spontaneous to match the moves of your opponent.

Legends:  I’ve seen you compete in a few, let’s call them “rather heated” Old Way vs. New Way Battles have you ever been hurt?

Angel: Fortunately I have not been hurt but there were a few situations where I wished that my opponent did not get carried away.  They (an unnamed opponent) did not realize that we both could have been hurt and I ‘m sorry would not fix a broken arm, back or neck.  

Legends: Your skills as a contortionist have been well documented, have you ever considered joining the Circus?

Angel: I’ve never considered it but I love Cirque du Soleil. I’ve just started to take up gymnastics.  

Legends: What do you like to do outside of the ball scene?

Angel: I like going to the movies and going out to the shows and seeing Harmonica Sunbeam.

Legends: What advice would you give to someone that would like to walk New Way?

Angel: That person would have to be creative; sometimes the ball room puts limits on you.  I like mix techniques when it comes to the arts you have to stay creative and come up with new stuff.

Legends, Statements & Stars Classic Interview Earthly Angel From Nov 2005 for more information email: esteemfeedback@hotmail.com