Fuel For Growth, A conversation with inspiration architect Marquese Martin-Hayes

Author, corporate trainer, inspiration architect and Midwest native Marquese Martin-Hayes recently talked with Prideindex about the power of positive thinking and essential things we all can do to promote personal growth in our everyday lives.

PRIDEINDEX: What is an “inspiration architect?”

MARTIN-HAYES: An Inspiration Architect is one who helps create structures of inspiration within a person or organization.  The support is unique in that it is derived from its source (its qualities, abilities, and possibilities) so that it isn’t reliant upon an outside source and therefore sustainable.

PI: In terms of your educational background, does it include work as a clinician, social work or psychology?

MH: I’ve practiced independently, in religious institutions and community organizations. However, my educational background is as diverse and incomplete as possible. I’ve always been a student of personal development and psychology. I literally began studying as a pre-teen and have had personal mentors in the arena the majority of my life. My formal studies have been in Computer Science and Leadership. Although the two had nothing in common then, social media has been a gift to me now.

PI: Tell us about the factors that lead to your decision to choose this profession?

MH: For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen my parents and grandparents model courtesy and kindness in their faith and action with others.  I think the hook was my father’s passion for people development within his network marketing ventures.  Seeing others light up in gratitude for his efforts made me want to be like him.

PI: What do like most about what you do? And least?

MH: Seeing people discover how great they are and how their uniqueness fits and serves a greater purpose is probably the most exhilarating result I can imagine… the point when “the light comes on” . My greatest challenge is dealing with people or businesses who want me to do the work for them.  It is simply not possible. They have to want it, follow through and open up for possibilities.

PI: Why did you write, “Monday Again 4 Essentials for A Healthy Lifestyle?’

MH: “Monday Again?!” began as a project simply for clients to reference while partnering with me.  As I began writing I realized there were so many things I needed to articulate to help others discover how much control they have in their day to day experiences. I wanted to share how you could change your physiology in an instant and create “good days” consistently.

PI There are references to “Monday” in your work, what‘s its significance?

MH: Monday is symbolic of the “return to the grind” or robotic negative attitude and life we tend to carry back into the office after a weekend of being ourselves. It represents a tough day or one that we have to grudgingly accept. In my work I strive to help others realize that Mondays can be just as fabulous as Fridays with the proper perspective!

PI: Do you plan on writing more motivational books?

MH: Yes, I will definitely record and write more books. I’m working on one now that’s based around the relationship of parent, child and coach/mentor.

PI: Author Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking was groundbreaking yet critics dismissed it as too simplistic, (among other things.) How do you address naysayers and cynics in regards to your work?

MH: Yes, what a classic! I haven’t read it in quite some time and probably should.  As it relates to the cynics, I simply let them be.  One thing I’ve accepted is that I may not be the smartest kid on the block, but I am one of the happiest.  Whenever I meet an elderly person, they never speak of their success as much as they do their happiness and gratitude for those they love and the feeling of their experiences either regret or happiness.

On the other hand, I’ve personally experienced “serendipity” enough times to know that the only difference was my attitude. As Napoleon Hill says, there’s nothing as powerful as a pleasing personality. It has afforded me opportunities that neither my experience nor education had earned.

PI: How do you handle difficult encounters in your own personal life?

MH: Sometimes I go for a run or touch base with a close friend, but usually I take the time to assess what’s happening and reframe it in a manner that includes: knowing I don’t see the big picture, discovering how I can benefit from it and finding a way to control my emotion around the situation without “creating a story” that causes me to live in fiction about what’s happening. It’s what I call creating “The Proper Perspective”. There’s a lesson that can be learned in everything if I pay attention.

PI: I understand that you enjoy running and once competed in the Chicago Marathon, tell me a little bit more about that?

MH: Running J has become one of my greatest forms of meditation, recreation and reconstruction. I’ve ran 5 or 6 marathons and a couple of ultra marathons with my longest being a 50 miler.  Running has become a positive personal gauge of mental and physical disciplines for me. There’s something about beating your last time or running more efficiently that feels fantastic!

PI: What projects are you currently working?

MH: Currently I’m working on the parenting/coaching book that is intended to strengthen the human spirit in its greatness.  For so long we’ve built systems and limitations without regarding the positive possibilities of the generations to come. I believe that learning to parent like a coach will strengthen the success of the family, individual and community.

I’m also working on our non-profit, The Marketplace Community, to provide an outlet and inlet to the human spirit that unites communities through diversity, personal experience and collective power.

PI: What 3 things can the average person do to get rid of self-doubt and negativity?

MH: Eat healthier, workout regularly and read books that help them mature.

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