Herndon Davis’ New Horizon

Noted author and media analyst Herndon Davis logs many miles traveling between Washington DC and Los Angeles. These days he’s working on a retooled version of his signature Herndon Davis Reports, “focusing upon personalities, entertainers and leaders from diverse backgrounds.” Davis who is originally from Mobile, Alabama, talks about his latest endeavors and, “Repackaging Common Sense,” a spirituality and career management book.  

PRIDEINDEX: In 2007 PrideIndex.com honored you for your service to the LGBT and African American community with the first ever Esteem Award for Outstanding Service-Male, what other awards or honors have you won?   

HERNDON DAVIS: None actually, PrideIndex.com is it!! And thank you again!

PI: What projects are you currently working on?

HD: I’m currently promoting my newest book, “Repackaged Common Sense.”  It’s a New Thought Spirituality and Career Management book.  I’ve spoken at churches, community groups, and other receptive audiences to  the idea of career management through the lens of spirituality and metaphysics. You can read more about the book here: www.herndondavis.com/author

PI: The last time we spoke your show “The Herndon Davis Reports” was on The Healthy Living Channel on Satellite TV what ever happened to the show?

HD: Because of lack of corporate advertising supporting the show it was pulled from the air.  So I transitioned all of my work to the web. Currently I have a few hundred webcast interviews and commentaries on nearly two dozen web platforms.  Start here to watch them: www.youtube.com/HLDATL

PI: Do you plan on producing another show on television?

HD: Yes most definitely but it will be a very different format though. It will have more of an entertainment and pop culture focus and will be targeted towards a far wider mainstream audience this time around.

PI: You have a Bachelors of Science in Finance, how did you become interested in journalism and motivational speaking?

HD: I’ve always had a knack for writing but I denied the gift for many years thinking a career in finance would be better and pay more lucratively.  I even earned my MBA with that goal in mind.  But at every turn my writing talent kept popping its head up for me to notice it.  For instance, at work I was the only one writing, assessing and documenting internal department process and procedures.  I was the one who presented written ideas to management.

Writing always came up in my job somehow so much so that I just couldn’t deny it any longer especially when I was at a point of extreme displeasure with my overall corporate finance career.  So I prayed, took a deep breath, walked on faith and changed careers. 

PI: Name at least 3 artists that have most affected your artistic style?

HD: Singer/writers, Indie.Arie, Stevie Wonder and television writer, David E. Kelly

PI: Your book ‘Black, Gay and Christian,” an inspirational guidebook which aims to reconcile sexual orientation and Christianity, was well received.  Briefly share with us your own coming out story?

HD: I had a 2-part coming out to my parents which started with a contentious telephone conversation about marriage and how I should be thinking of it. I concluded the conversation when I came home for Thanksgiving and told them individually that I was gay.  Although we didn’t agree on the issue, it still drew us much closer together unlike other families that are torn apart because of the issue.

PI: Have you ever considered writing a follow-up book to ‘Black, Gay and Christian”?

HD: Yes, I’ve considered it but declined to do so because I’ve grown so much more spiritually beyond the label of Christian.  I’ve embraced New Thought Spirituality and related Metaphysical thinking as a way of life.  This growth was absolutely needed in my life which is firmly built upon the fundamentals of Christianity.  In addition, I’ve also grown beyond the label of ‘gay’ and the need to be the voice of activism around black gay issues.  Although I still identify as gay, I just feel that other voices are needed until they too elevate into a new space of belonging.  I think it’s part of the natural process of growth and evolution.

PI: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

HD: When I’m not writing I workout at the gym 4 times a week, practice yoga, spend time at the beach, conduct speaking engagements and workshops across the country and work as a media consultant for small companies and non profits.

PI: Tell us more about your red carpet interviews, which celebrities have you interviewed?

HD: I’ve interviewed dozens of celebrities both on the red carpet as well as in sit down one-on-one interviews.  The most popular celebrities I’ve interviewed have been Sheryl Lee Ralph, Keisha Knight Pulliam (House of Payne, Cosby), David Mann (Madea movies), Derek Luke (Madea Goes to Jail), Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Tiffany Pollard (New York from VH1) and dozens more. 

PI: In two sentences tell us where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

HD: Settled yet rapidly growing upward and outward in the media/entertainment/journalism hybrid as a writer, producer, and media host.

 “Repackaging Common Sense” is available for purchase via PayPal for ($10 + $2 Shipping and Handling) send an email request to herndondavis@aol.com with “Repackaging Common Sense Book Purchase” in the subject line to receive the link.