GLAAD Interview: “Pose” Star Dominique Jackson Talks Important and Impact of “The Book of Queer” Finale

By Allison Bloom, Communications Consultant  | June 30, 2022

The Book of Queer, Discovery+’s five-part series that informs viewers about a variety of groundbreaking LGBTQ individuals throughout history has its impactful, final episode premiering June 30 and it is narrated by Pose star and LGBTQ activist, Dominique Jackson.  The big finale tells the stories of why Joan of Arc was executed for wearing pants and Josephine Baker, the WWII bisexual megastar who was also a French spy.

Jackson narrated this final installment, titled “Pride or Die,” and she sat down for an interview with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos to talk about this special episode of The Book of Queer.

Jackon began the interview talking about her excitement for the stories she gets to tell in her episode of The Book of Queer. “Joan of Arc? I was like, come on. I know something is up with this story. You’re teaching it to me in school but you’re leaving out some parts! I need the full story, I need the truth!” And this episode gives us just that.

Jackson also talks about why the story of Josephine Baker is so important to her. “Josephine Baker was an absolute delight. I really relate to her… understanding my truth and just living out loud! Not letting identity stop you from reaching for the things human beings that are considered ‘normal’ can have.”

She tells Ramos why series like The Book of Queer teaching LGBTQ history are so important. She says, “That showed me I can be resilient. Josephine Baker showed me I could strive. Joan of Arc taught me I could fight for what I want. She taught me it’s ok to be different… Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson told me that I can be! I can exist! For me to do this episode was beyond an honor.”

On Queer Joy, Jackson shares: “My interpretation of queer joy is actually being able to be yourself wholeheartedly and love it… Queer joy is strength. Queer joy is walking into the office with a purse when they tell you you’re not supposed to. Queer joy is just the existence of us being us.”

When talking about what’s next for her, Jackson shares that, “I want to continue to bring stories of truth about our community to light!”

All episodes of The Book of Queer are available now on Discovery+.