GLAAD EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Greg Mathis Jr. and his father talk sexuality on “Mathis Family Matters”

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator | June 16, 2022

ALL RISE for Judge Mathis…and his new reality series Mathis Family Matters!

The iconic Judge Mathis is back on TV with E! Entertainment to share a close look at his life and his family. Mathis’ four kids are back in LA, and starting Sunday June 19, they’re all ready to shake things up with bug fun, big laughs, and family love at the core!

In a heartwarming exclusive clip, Judge Mathis talks to his son Greg Mathis Jr. about how in certain instances he feels motivated to hide his gay identity.

“As accepting as you all have been, the reality is there’s people who would hate us for [being gay],” shares Greg.

Mathis is deeply dismayed by this, shedding a tear, and adding “It’s hard for me to get past you having the feeling that you would have to tell somebody no.”  

Watch the full clip here:

Mathis Family Matters premieres with back-to-back episodes on  Sunday, June 19 at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.  ET/PT on E! Watch the official trailer below: