GLAAD and Adobe release special Pride-themed Create Change interview series

By Mark Olson, Events Manager | June 29, 2021

This Pride, GLAAD and Adobe are bringing LGBTQ+ creators together for a special series of Create Change episodes, Adobe’s conversational show that spotlights diverse creators sharing how they are using creativity to feel empowered, inspired, and make an impact through their work. Featuring Hunter Schafer, Wanda Sykes, Bob the Drag Queen, Christian Cowan, Gogo Graham, Maurice Harris, Cheyne Gallarde, and Viviana Matsuda, the Pride series reveals the pressing issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, and how creativity serves as a source of inspiration and self-expression. Check out all four episodes below! 

“This series with Adobe is so fantastic because it’s all about showcasing the wonderful diversity across the LGBTQ community,” said Mark Hartnett, VP of Corporate Relations & Events. “We’re thrilled to partner with Adobe and introduce a fresh, innovative group of Creators as part of GLAAD’s Pride programming this year.”

Episode 1: Self Creation with Hunter Schafer & Gogo Graham

Create Change: Pride Edition kicks off with actress and artist Hunter Schafer and fashion designer Gogo Graham. These two pioneer creators discuss their process surrounding art and creativity and how important trans representation is in the fashion and entertainment industry. 

“For anyone who didn’t grow up with exposure to individuals who they resemble, or who they hope to resemble someday, [that] can be an isolating and ugly feeling until you find your community…And then when you do find it, how much bigger your world gets.” – Hunter Shafer

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Episode 2: The Power of Creative Expression with Bob The Drag Queen and Cheyne Gallarde

Non-binary Comic and Actor Bob The Drag Queen joins Artist and Illustrator Cheyne Gallarde to discuss the importance of queer representation, how their intersectionality inspires and influences their creativity, and what it means to have the confidence to create boldly. The two reflect on the impact of those who have come before them and what queer representation in culture today means to help empower the next generation. 

“I think being our authentic selves helps and encourages people to kind of like come out of their shell too, in their own time.” – Cheyne Gallarde

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Episode 3: Embrace Your Weird with Christian Cowan and Viviana Matsuda

Ceramic Artist and Founder of ‘Mud Witch’ Viviana Matsuda chats with Creative Director Christian Cowan about embracing and celebrating the unique differences in us all, and how our experiences influence our work. They discuss their love of art and fashion, the importance of diverse representation — from body positivity to queer intersectionality — and how pushing the limits and standing out has fueled their creativity and success. 

“Really just hone in on what makes you, you. Like, don’t try to be anything else. What are those unique little quirks about yourself, and just lean into them, because that’s the thing that people are going to love in your work.” – Christian Cowan

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Episode 4: Channeling Authenticity with Wanda Sykes and Maurice Harris

Join comedian and actor Wanda Sykes and artist, florist and entrepreneur Maurice Harris in a conversation around the importance of Black and queer representation in the arts and entertainment industry. Learn more about their experiences, what drives their creativity and their advice for others to channel their authenticity and live their truth. 

“When doing standup, I’ve always wanted to say something – to start a dialogue on issues, and I want people to feel safe.” – Wanda Sykes

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Lena Waithe + Zerina Akers 
The premiere episode of Create Change features a stirring conversation between two pioneer women creators, Lena Waithe and Zerina Akers. Waithe (Emmy Award-winning writer, producer, and actor for The Chi, Queen & Slim, Twenties, and Master of None) and Akers (costume designer for projects including Beyonce’s Black is King and founder of Black Owned Everything) sit down to discuss Black representation in the fashion industry, and share their experiences as Black female creators and how they are using creativity to make an impact in today’s world. Working in different disciplines, these two artists come together in their shared purpose to create art that is real, honest, and representative.

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