Gift ideas for your boo for Valentine’s Day Part 2

Viveré Chocolates pronounced (vi-ve-re), meaning: TO LIVE!
Viveré Chocolates was founded by Tuscaloosa native Robert Bowman. Viveré specializes in custom corporate chocolate gifts. The company’s artisanal chocolates are handmade using a premium blend of all-natural, 70% chocolate, and fresh cream ganaches crafted from a mixture of cacao beans from Africa, Central America, and South America.

Harlem Candle Company

Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is a lux home fragrance brand inspired by the richness of the African American creative mecca – Harlem. With product collections such as BILLIE soap and lotion, ELLINGTON essence of vibrant woods, and LANGSTON essence of tobacco and amber, how can you lose?

The Cut Buddy
A few months ago, I came across this company while watching an episode of Shark Tank. And much to the dismay of my barber, I have yet to return to the barbershop since. The Cut Buddy Shaping Tool and men’s grooming kit is a must-have for the fellas who cut their hair. The All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit includes 35 pieces, stencils, beard templates, lubricants, and numerous grooming products.
Founder Joshua Esnard created the first iteration of these products when he was only 13!

Souk Bō’hēmian
Souk Bō’hēmian was founded by friends and business partners Morgan Ashley and Vanessa. The Black, Woman and Queer-owned store is located inside Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA. Souk Bō’hēmian partners with local and global artisans to bring aspirational ready-to-wear pieces, small-batch jewelry, home goods, and handmade accessories to curate every aspect of your life.

BEDEWEDSkin and ButtersRX
Dr. Cedric Salone used his pharmacy background and first-hand battles with dry skin to develop his product lines. Bedewed Skin started after he was prescribed an intense acne medication that, while effective, left his skin dry, dehydrated, and itchy. After spending countless dollars on over-the-counter serums and moisturizers. He still found no relief and decided to create his own unique formula.
Bedewed Skin is a non-medicated, plant-based skincare line that uses minimal fragrances but instead clean, rich ingredients to combat dry, itchy Skin. I’m a fan of the Our Bedewed Skin For Men Gift Box.


ReformedSchool was founded in 2013 by Chicago resident Peter Gaona. The company began as a pre-tied bowtie and accessories brand using repurposed materials. ReformedSchool has grown its product line to use fashion as an educational tool. Product offerings include home and office décor, apparel, stationary, and enamel pins.

Wander Prints
Wander Prints is the place to find gifts with a personal touch. The custom products are for grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, best friends, lovers, etc. Wander Prints offers an outstanding personalization experience for all, regardless of age, occupation, or interest.

Nostalgia Products
Wanna beckon your fondest memories from yesteryear? Then Nostalgia Products, featuring designs inspired by early 19th century America, is for you. I’m dating myself when I remember paying a dime for a snow cone with two flavors. (Laughs.) I’ll take the snow cones, the Nostalgia Popcorn Kit, and Taco Tuesday 9-Piece Taco Kit, add some friends, and there you have the perfect date night.

Founded in 1989, Jordan Craig has become the epitome of fashion-forward streetwear. Product offerings include the Xavier – OG Cargo Pants, Ross – Amarillo Cargo Pants, Hollis Bomber Jacket, Martin Stacked – Maverick Denim, and my favorite, the Glory Days Track Suit. (Chicago, Thank You!) The price isn’t bad either.

Grinding Coffee Co

Grinding Coffee is a black and LGBTQIA2S+-owned specialty roasted and high-quality coffee. The company was started by Oso Holley and Liyah Snider during the COVID pandemic. Both were fired from their jobs and needed to do something to survive. Grinding Coffee was created to be a more inclusive and diverse space for streamers and to get good coffee into streamers’ hands. The vegan and gluten-free products are roasted on the same day of shipping.

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