Gift ideas for your boo for Valentine’s Day Part 1

Photo From Lavenderpop Greeting Cards

Gift-giving can sometimes be tricky, even if you know your spouse or partner well. And furthermore, it’s more challenging when you consider factors such as:

  • How long you’ve been in the relationship.
  • Pleasing a fussy partner.
  • Does your mate prefer sweet little things? 
  • Does your boo have expensive tastes? 

Check out our list of these amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider giving your spouse/significant other/boo. They run a spectrum from sweet and savory to artistic and fashionable. It does not matter if you’re on a budget or have more to splurge on that special someone; we’ve got something for everyone.  

Lavenderpop Greeting Cards

Lavenderpop’s mission is to offer a range of cards to celebrate relationships, friendships, love, and pride. These cards are inspired by pop culture, graphic design, social revolutionaries, humanism, a good dance beat, and a celebration of diversity.

Foot Butter By Dr. Ron

VALENTINES DAY GIFT SET – Signature Collection

This product contains a proprietary essential oil blend, shea butter, Aloe Vera juice, safflower, and coconut oil. It could help treat certain skin conditions, including acne, itching, and oily skin.

The contents include Restorative Cracked Heel Balm, Cooling and Deodorizing Foot Spray, and a foot scrubbie/callus remover pad.

Ericka Blount Wine Blends

Ericka Blount Wine Blends has an array of red and white wines covering many palates. The company has introduced over 32 wines to the market. Their three newly launched wines are Berry Berry (a blackberry wine), Liz (a honey-based wine infused with elderberries), and Honey Dew (a honey-based spicy wine.)

The Kaya Kollection Eyewear

The Kaya Kollection is a Chicago-based online eyewear boutique that started approximately five years ago. The Kollection includes a unisex line, a men’s wear or masculine-centered line, and a women’s or feminine-presenting line, children’s wear, along with doggy eyewear. The products are accessible to everyone.  

My eyewear, my clear lens frames are prescription lens friendly, which means you can take them to your eye doctor, and they will put your corrected lenses in those frames,” said owner Kaya Rainey. “Eyewear is the new accessory!”

Southern Roots Spice

Southern Roots Spice is a modern shop focusing on helping its customers understand the world of spices and layering flavors. They offer over 100 individual spices and more than 130 custom blends. Their natural and organic products are free of chemicals or pesticides.

Todd McKinley and husband of 21 years, Lynn Brewington, opened Southern Roots Spice Shop as an online store in July 2020. In March 2021, the couple opened SRS Coffee Café and Southern Roots Spice shop, a 3,000-square-foot brick-and-mortar store.


BOTL’D is a black LGBTQ+ owned ready-to-drink cocktail company. The firm was co-founded by boyfriends Stephan and Greg during the height of the pandemic in January 2021. BOTL’D’s artisanal, handcrafted cocktails are made from top-shelf spirits. The products contain natural sweeteners without preservatives.

Blacmail by Alberts Laundry

The Teachers Collection is a brand that celebrates and supports dedicated educators. The company’s mission is to provide stylish, high-quality clothing that showcases teacher pride. The company advocates for fair treatment for teachers, equal pay, and the rights and needs of minority students.


Founded in Chicago, IL, in 1998, the Personalized Mall offers “Personalized Gifts that inspire creativity, individuality, and joy throughout life’s moments!” We like the CLOSE TO HER BLANKET.

Dasoul Premium Underwear Brand Boxers, Briefs, and Tanks.

Washington, DC-based designer Andrew Nowell has been designing clothes for the last 15 to 20 years. Dasoul started as an urban line, but as the urban market that was going strong in the 90s began to die out, Andrew realized he had to do something with this trademark that he had already invested so much money and energy into. ”I remember hearing someone saying the underwear market would be the next big thing,” he said. “I saw other companies starting to create these underwear lines. As I looked at the marketing images, I didn’t see the representation of people of color, so I decided to create a product that was not limited to anyone. It would have people of color, equal representation, and level out the playing field. I wanted to create something more inclusive of everybody.”

Luella’s Southern Popcorn 

Chicago-based Chef Darnell Reed is the Owner of Luella’s Southern Kitchen. His team began Luella’s Southern Popcorn to bring gourmet kettle-cooked popcorn in deliciously unique flavors to the masses. Luella’s Southern Popcorn offers locally sourced ingredients to their fresh popcorn. The company is an active supporter of their community.

Until There’s A Cure® Bracelets

The UTAC Foundation was the first non-profit organization to create and sell a bracelet to raise funds for a cause.  Isabella Geddes of Florence, Italy, designed the original bracelet in 1993 — as a symbolic, simple, and elegant cuff-style bracelet. The company’s product line has expanded to include many styles and materials. Several of their bracelets provide a market for HIV+ craftspeople and support AIDS care and prevention in the developing world.

The Rainbow Healing stone bracelets are meant for soothing anxiety and bringing clarity and happiness to your life. Made in Italy with stainless steel clasp.

Gift ideas for your boo for Valentine’s Day Part 2