FIRST LOOK: Freddie Mercury ‘A Life in 10 Pictures’ New Docuseries

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator | May 31, 2022

To kick off Pride Month, GLAAD is releasing an exclusive, first look at a new docuseries exploring the life of queer Rock music icon, Freddie Mercury. A Life In 10 Pictures is a six-part series that unlocks the stories of extraordinary lives, whose images are known around the world, with revealing insight from just ten pictures — from iconic shots to private snaps.

Regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music, Freddie Mercury achieved worldwide fame as the lead singer of the band Queen. Mercury defied the conventions of the rock genre in the 1970s and 1980s with his theatrical style and was open about his sexuality, although private about his relationships.  Mercury died of AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia on November 24, 1991, at age 45.

Watch here:

A Life in 10 Pictures will also reveal the lives and secrets of hip hop icon Tupac Shakur, screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, boxer Muhammad Ali, musician and activist John Legend and singer Amy Winehouse, through a unique lens from those who know their stories best. 

Here’s the A Life in 10 Pictures episode rollout schedule:

  • Freddie Mercury – June 1
  • Tupac Shakur – July 1
  • Elizabeth Taylor – August 1
  • Muhammad Ali – September 1
  • John Lennon – October 1
  • Amy Winehouse – November 1

A Life in 10 Pictures is debuting in the U.S. only on Crackle starting today, June 1.