Featurette: Video Interview with Zachary Quinto, Billy Porter, and producers of Disney+’s “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder”

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator GLAAD.org | March 9, 2022

Billy Porter and Zachary Quinto have joined the cast and respectively voice Randall and Barry Leibowitz-Jenkins, mixed-race adoptive parents to 14-year-old activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, voiced by Keke Palmer.

In “Father Figures,” When Penny learns who Maya and KG’s parents are, she becomes the lone voice of affirmation in her community, while Oscar’s prejudices may ultimately take a bite out of his wallet. This new episode of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” is available on Wednesday, March 9 on Disney+.

RANDALL LEIBOWITZ-JENKINS (voiced by Billy Porter) – Randall is a 40-year-old, tailored-suit wearing banker. He’s a sharp-tongued intellectual and dedicated foodie. He works overtime to keep up with his kids, but, most importantly, he encourages them to be who they need to be. He’s the classic “helicopter dad.” However, the kids are at that age where they think he’s too attentive and they’d like a little space for themselves.

BARRY LEIBOWITZ-JENKINS (voiced by Zachary Quinto) – Barry is a late 30’s detective on the police force. He has an infectious laugh and is fun to be around. Big and athletic, when he slaps Oscar on his back he sends him flying for miles.

“Being a part of a same sex couple and their relationship with their kids is really lovely to see it portrayed in such a honest and open and funny way is amazing,” Zachary says in the piece.

“I love the idea of inclusion that extends to the queer community. I didn’t know who my husband was going to be and in the first session, they said ‘Zachary Quinto’ and I was actually at Carnegie Mellon as an adjunct professor while he was still a student,” Billy says in the piece.

“I’ve known Billy for 15 years if not more so the opportunity to work on something again with him, even remotely, is really enjoyable and he is just a delight,” Zachary says in the piece.

Creator/executive producer Bruce W. Smith and executive producer Ralph Farquhar said, “When we were developing the revival, we knew the conversation around gender identification and same-sex couples had changed since 2001 and felt a responsibility to evolve the series because it is important that our characters and their lives reflect the world we live in today, including the potential challenges that come with it. This episode addresses how the real world and the Black community often reacts to same-sex couples and explores how parents can teach their kids to be respectful, positive beings, as well as evolve their own bias and judgement.”

This new episode of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” is available on Wednesday, March 9 on Disney+.