EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Greg Mathis Jr. navigates coming out publicly with help from GLAAD in “Mathis Family Matters”

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator GLAAD.org | July 14, 2022

Audiences can expect a nuanced, exciting look at being Black, queer, and in the public eye in an upcoming episode of Mathis Family Matters. GLAAD’s very own Anthony Allen Ramos joined Greg Mathis Jr. and his boyfriend to discuss Greg’s next steps in engaging with LGBTQ advocacy. 

Despite his father’s “conservative fan base,” Greg feels committed and hopeful to sharing his true self with the world at large. “When I told [my dad] that I wanted to become more public with my sexuality, to kind of help inspire other people, and really share my story, he was proud of that. But he actually challenged me and said ‘you have to be that activist, you have to take that step.'” 

Watch the full exclusive clip below:

Does Greg, in the words of his father, “have an obligation to show others?” Find out in the next episode of Mathis Family Matters, airing Sundays at 10 on E!