Election 2022: In the “Vote With Pride” Video Series, Billy Porter Talks the Power of the Black Vote with Color of Change

By GLAAD.org | November 1, 2022

Photo by Meredith Truax

The third in GLAAD’s “Vote with Pride” video series is released today. In conversation with Emmy-winning artist and activist Billy Porter is Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change, the largest online racial justice organization, about the power of the Black and queer vote, and Day One steps after the election to achieve lasting change for justice.

VIEW/EMBED LINK HERE: https://youtu.be/nZ5-aRvxl8M

Billy Porter: What do you say to Black and queer voters who turned out in 2020 and feel like they didn’t get what they wanted? 

Rashad Robinson: Part of activism is trying to push things as far as we can absolutely go, but when we get there, recognizing that we’ve gotten there. The $10,000 and particularly the $20,000 loan forgiveness for Pell Grant recipients will have a huge impact on Black folks, a disproportionate impact on Black, queer folks who make up a larger amount of Pell grant recipients than other communities… We know that the Child Tax Credit has helped families and having an administration that has…  made sure that queer families were included in this type of legislation is incredibly important as well. All of the executive orders that have reworked how government operated and took away some of the ways the last administration excluded us and made us targets has been incredibly important, and so for folks that say they haven’t seen anything I just invite you to look harder, to actually look at the record.

The series is out on GLAAD’s YouTubeFacebookInstagram and Twitter channels, focusing on key issues of the midterm elections for LGBTQ and ally voters, including marriage equality, abortion access, healthcare, economic equality, the freedom to read amid efforts to ban LGBTQ-inclusive books, and the freedom to vote.

The “Vote with Pride” video series kicked off in October with out actor, activist and producer Wilson Cruz in conversation with Voto Latino’s President and CEO María Teresa Kumar about the power of the LGBTQ and Latine vote. 

VIEW/EMBED LINK HERE: https://youtu.be/wTa0nBHfVt4 

The second in GLAAD’s “Vote with Pride” video series was a conversation between GLAAD President and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, and Stacey Stevenson, CEO of Family Equality. Stevenson describes how her family decided to leave Texas, and that states proposing laws against LGBTQ people are forcing families to flee their homes to find safety and acceptance. She offered resources for families and urged all LGBTQ and ally voters to speak up for all families.

VIEW/EMBED LINK HERE: https://youtu.be/lPx9uIRG0cg 

Upcoming conversations include GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis with Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Alexis McGill Johnson; former Mayor of Houston and current President and CEO of The LGBTQ Victory Fund, Annise Parker, on the record number of out LGBTQ candidates and in elected office, and honorees from GLAAD’s 20 Under 20 Class of 2022 – LGBTQ youth who are working to increase visibility, safety and success for youth across America- a conversation featured on Teen Vogue’s platforms as well. 

Additional research:

  • 9 million LGBTQ adults are registered to vote
  • About 3.6 million LGBTQ adults, including at least 525,000 transgender adults, live in the South, more than any other region in the U.S.
  • More than 40% of LGBTQ people in the South are people of color: 22% are Black; 16% are Latino.
  • Pew Research shows:
  • The number of Black eligible voters in the United States has grown and is projected to reach 32.7 million in November 2022
  • Black Americans in Georgia account for a third of eligible voters and could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate
  • Black Americans are projected to account for 13.6% of all eligible voters in the United States in November
  • Half of all eligible Black voters live in eight states:
    • Texas
    • Georgia
    • Florida
    • New York
    • California
    • North Carolina
    • Maryland
    • Illinois
  • A GLAAD poll of Florida LGBTQ and ally voters shows their top issues include restoring abortion access (47%), gun safety reform (31%), housing costs (22%), inflation (22%), and LGBTQ equality (19%).
  • LGBTQ voters are expected to be 14% of the eligible voting population by 2030, according to a recent analysis of population data. 

LGBTQ voters are expected to be 14% of the eligible voting population by 2030, according to a recent analysis of population data. 

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