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‘The Qube’ Podcast App Elevates Black, Brown Queer People of Color Talent and Experiences,
Increases Diversity Within the Podcast Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE– June 1, 2021, CHICAGO— In celebration of PRIDE month, E3 Radio (www.e3radio.fm), an online radio station playing Queer and independent R&B/hip-hop music, announced today the concept launch of ‘The Qube,’ (https://e3radio.fm/the-qube/) a new streaming app of music and podcasts produced by Black, Brown and Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) creatives, on Indiegogo. The Qube will serve as a curated hub for Black, Brown and QTPOC people to share and celebrate their multi-dimensional experiences and voices through music, entertainment shows and more in a one-of-a-kind platform.

While the presence of LGBTQ+ characters in the media and in music is increasing, The Qube creator and founder Anna DeShawn recognizes that the podcast industry is still lacking in diverse, intersectional representation. Additionally, Black, Indigionious People of Color (BIPOC) and QTPOC creatives are undeniably undervalued and often underrepresented in all sectors of the business and creative process, from producing, writing and on-air talent to ownership and financial gains. In recent years, there has been an increase in Black-owned podcast networks, but they still require the financial and distribution support of giant, white-owned entertainment corporations. This is the motivation for DeShawn in creating The Qube, which will be a first streaming app of music and podcasts that is distributing and publishing both original and exclusively curated content that is wholly owned, run by and dedicated to
the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ community.

“As a long-time advocate for the QTPOC community, I am so excited to bring this platform to audiences everywhere,” said DeShawn, founder and project lead of The Qube. “There is literally nothing like The Qube that exists. This one-of-a-kind streaming app will provide diverse audiences creative control and the ability to build financial wealth, ownership, equity and longevity. We need a brave and welcoming platform for QTPOC to form their own identities within media and media structures and continue celebrating life, joy and love, and The Qube will be the hub for that and more. This a huge undertaking that I am confident that collectively, we can accomplish in bringing The Qube to life.” The Qube’s mission and values fill a void in the podcast industry in an authentic and intentional way, as an undeniable shift in demographics in self-identity and expression continues to grow, and more audiences are expanding their capacity for learning and entertainment past conventional norms and platforms. According to a 2021 Nielsen podcast buying power study, more than 41 percent of U.S. podcaster listeners were non-white and more than 13 million Black, Hispanic and Asian-American podcast audiences members said they listened to podcasts on a monthly basis. The research also shows that as diverse audiences grow, there is an increased need for diverse genres, topics and interests to appeal to the various groups, such as technology, kids and family, society and culture, music and health
and wellness.

“As the podcast audience grows and becomes more diverse, there is a clear need for a larger portfolio of content, genres and talent that bring diverse story-telling through fresh lenses. The Qube will serve as an anchor for talent from all backgrounds to discuss what is important to them, from morning shows to comedy to real-life, in depth journalism. The possibilities are endless!”
To kick off the campaign, The Qube is hosting a free virtual concert on June 1 called “E3 Radio presents
Community Concert & Crowdfund,” featuring prominent LGBTQ talent, where 100 percent of donations will go towards The Qube fundraiser.

The Qube’s IndieGoGo campaign launches June 1 with a goal to raise $75,000, with donations
contributing to the design and development of the app, attracting and cultivating talent and producing exclusive audio content only available in The Qube.

For more information, including how to donate to The Qube’s IndieGoGo fundraiser, visit
https://igg.me/at/thequbeapp. Complimentary tickets to “E3 Radio presents Community Concert & Crowdfund” are available on Eventbrite here: http://bit.ly/E3JuneConcert

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The Qube is a new curated, streaming app of music and podcasts produced by and for Black, Brown and Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) creatives. It is the brainchild of creator and founder Anna DeShawn, who recognizes the need for more diverse, intersectional expression from on-air talent and more inclusive and representative creatives behind the scenes. The Qube is currently fundraising to support the design and development of the app, attracting and cultivating talent and producing exclusive audio content only available in The Qube. To donate, please visit https://igg.me/at/thequbeapp