Dr. D. Marcell’s Reclamation Act of 2012

Author and lecturer Dr. D. Marcell is having a phenomenal year. With his two new books, “Be Reconciled” and “‘Marginalized Men”  which were released in 2011 and three additional books coming in 2012, the Atlanta based intellectual plans on taking the publishing world by storm. PrideIndex caught up with our Southern buddy for a little tea and crumpets.

PRIDEINDEX: It’s been a minute since you were last here in Chicago. What have you been up since your last visit?

DMARCELL: I have been very busy since my last visit to Chicago. I have traveled all over the country promoting my first book “Saved, Sanctified, and Same-Gender Loving: A Spiritual Journal to Spiritual Reconciliation.” I have also done several black gay male empowerment workshops using my first book as the basis. And  I have done several interviews on the web including one for Sippin on Ink: The Colored Chronicles hosted by Anondra “Kat” Williams, whom I met last summer during “Hotter Than July” in Detroit. I have also continued working on my e-publication N-convenient Truth, which seeks to authenticate, validate, and empower SGL men of color. I am also in the process of launching my publishing company TLC Publishing. I am very excited about the things going on in my life!

PI: OMG! In addition to your two recently released books you have three more books coming out in 2012. Did you write while sleeping?

DM: (LAUGHS) Yes, I am always writing! The plan is to publish three books this year: the first one deals with a subject that is near and dear to my heart, which is HIV/AIDS in the African-American community. The second one is the follow up to my second book which I released in December 2011, which is called “Be Reconciled: A Practical Spiritual Guide to Confronting Your SGL Identity,” which does just as the name suggest – it helps those struggling with their sexuality. The third book will deal with relationships, and trust me, it will be quite interesting… (LAUGHS)

PI: Why did you choose to release all them at once? Where did you find your muse?

DM: My last two books, “Be Reconciled” and “Marginalized Men” were released simultaneously in December 2011. I write to enlighten and empower, so my muse is the disenfranchised Same Gender Loving (SGL) men of color who are searching and seeking some intelligent discourse about our plight and how to improve our lives. “Marginalized Men” tells the stories of SGL ministers in the African-American church.

PI: You recently had a book signing for “Marginalized Men” how was it? How did you get the audience to be forthcoming and share their experiences?

DM: The book discussion for “Marginalized Men” was phenomenal! Anytime you can get a room full of African-American men to come and discuss our plight within in the African-American church, it is quite awesome! It was not hard at all for us to talk amongst ourselves. The real challenge is for us to take this conversation to the mainstream church where it needs to be. That is the challenge I issued to the participants. Once we started talking and reading passages from the books, everything flowed like the Mississippi River.

PI: Briefly tell us how you became acquainted with  those who contributed to the book?

DM: The other contributors are from all across the country, mostly the result of an “all-call ad” I placed on Facebook and in various yahoo groups. The book contains short stories poems and poetry. The poetry was written my good friend Antonio Darrielle, who also served as the copy editor of the book. We started on the book in August 2011 and we went to print in December. These gentlemen worked hard to produce this book in about three-and-a-half months. The end result is a God-inspired extraordinary piece of work that is raw and honest about our experiences in the African-American church. I would to thank all of the contributors to “Marginalized Men,” Dr. Travis Lee (also co-author of Be Reconciled), Dr. Emmanuel Omar, J. Luther, Nathaniel “Nate” Cole, and Larnard Vonn.

PI: Let’s switch gears. (LAUGHS) Tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every time you see “bleach water trade” how do you keep you from laughing as you recall your time in Chicago in summer of 2011?

DM: (LAUGHS)  I can’t keep from laughing! There is something intriguing and alluring about bleach water trade! And that’s all I have to say about that… (LAUGHS)

PI: For clarification purposes you were an innocent tourist sitting in Harold’s Chicken minding your own business when you overheard us locals laughing and you needed to understand what was so funny. Right?

DM: Right! I was as innocent as the day is long..(LAUGHS) But you know what? I can’t wait to get back to Chicago to get me some more of Harold’s Chicken! That’s my first stop as soon as I arrive!

PI: Have you spoken with Remimokau Book Club regarding making another appearance in Chicago? Is there any possibility that you will visit the Midwest this summer for PrideIndex’s Esteem Awards or Hotter than July in Detroit?

DM: Yes, Remimokau contacted me about their annual Christmas gala and literary event. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. I so wanted to be a part of that event. Their summer event was so awesome, and I really and truly appreciated how they embraced and supported me. I can’t wait to come back to Chi-town this summer for the Remimokau Book Club event…and of course for PrideIndex’s Esteem Awards. I had such a great time last year! And not only do I plan on being in Detroit for Hotter Than July, but I will also be there May 18-20, 2012, for Agape Spirit Life Ministries’ Authentication, Reconciliation, and Celebration Conference for the SGL community. Pastor Darlene and Co-Pastor Glenda Franklin are hosts, the two of them are the hardest working women in the African-American SGL community seeking to make a difference!

PI: There’s a rumor going around that you’re working on a screenplay. Assuming the rumors are true, what’s the skinny? Who are you working? Is there anything you can share with us?

DM: Yes, in addition to writing three more books this year (LAUGHS), I’m also co-executive producing a movie entitled The Silent Sanctuary, which examines homosexuality in the African-American church. The wonderful script was written by my friend and executive producer Erik Dillard and is being directed by Jason Bunkley. I had the pleasure of working with both of these gentlemen on the Far Away: The Church Version video back in May 2011. I am also serving on the board of directors the R-List, a web and blog series about socially-upwardly mobile African-American gay men. I am so excited about getting these projects underway, so lives can continued to be changed for the best.

PI: What else can your fans expect from you in the near future?

DM: My fans can expect more books on various topics, more traveling to different parts of the country and the world spreading the message of inclusion and reconciliation that has always been a part of my psyche but is now manifesting into my life!