Created over thirty years ago to recognize the crucial role LGBTQ writers play in shaping the world, the Lammys celebrate the very best in LGBTQ literature. Since the inception of the Lammys in 1989, more than 3,500 books have been named finalist or winner, an imprimatur that bookstores, libraries, and individuals use to stock their shelves.

This award cycle was the most competitive yet, with the highest ever submission volume in Lammy Award history. “We are particularly inspired by such amazing numbers in the LGBTQ Young Adult and Children’s/Middle Grade categories,” the Awards Manager says. “The modern movement to ban access to LGBTQ books for young people is horrendous, but we hope the publishing industry continues backing these remarkable works in volume to meet that resistance.”

Lesbian Fiction

Gay Fiction

Bisexual Fiction

Transgender Fiction

Bisexual Nonfiction

Transgender Nonfiction

LGBTQ Nonfiction

Lesbian Poetry

Gay Poetry

Bisexual Poetry

Transgender Poetry

Lesbian Memoir/Biography

Gay Memoir/Biography

Lesbian Romance

Gay Romance

LGBTQ Anthology

LGBTQ Children’s/Middle Grade

LGBTQ Young Adult

LGBTQ Comics


  • Love Like Light // Daniel Alexander Jones, 53rd State Press
  • mama [rose.] // storäe michele
  • Mrs. Harrison // R. Eric Thomas, TRW Plays
  • Pillow Talk // Kheven LaGrone, Theatre Rhinoceros
  • Thrive, or What You Will {an epic} // L M Feldman, American Shakespeare Center

LGBTQ Erotica

LGBTQ Mystery

LGBTQ Speculative Fiction

LGBTQ Studies

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