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PrideIndex recently revisited Broadway star Anthony Wayne (“Pippin” “Priscilla, Queen of The Desert”) to get the tea on “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real: A Sylvester Concert,’ his new musical tribute show to 70’s gay icon Sylvester James.  Wayne’s partner Kendrell Bowman, the show’s Costume Designer and Creative Director, bring haute couture to the theater with his original fashions. You Make Me Feel… is not to be missed, it plays for one night only on June 30 at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm at the Le Poisson Rouge located at 158 Bleecker Street in New York.

PRIDEINDEX: It’s been almost a year since “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real: A Sylvester Concert” first played in NYC.  Where else has it played since then?

ANTHONY WAYNE: Since its first presentation, “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real” (Formally called “Fabulous, One More Time”) has been performed to Sold Out crowds at The Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. and The Versace Mansion/The Villa in Miami Beach, Miami. Since initially doing back-to-back concerts here in NYC, we are happy to bring the show back where it all started one more time.

PI: Once again You Make Me Feel … Concert is playing as a one night only engagement.  How come?

AW: Presenting the show in different places as a one night only engagement gives us the chance to continue building up the fan base for the show while continuing to make it better for a run in the future.

PI: Did you make any changes to the show since its first premiere?

AW: Yes, we have. Some more fun songs are added, more emotion is brought out and it’s grown to be something everyone can enjoy no matter who you are or what type of music you like.

PI: Are there plans to bring this show to Broadway?

AW: Yes. We are in the process now of solidifying everything that comes with building to that. Seeing the growth of the show thus far from the first incarnation brings the reality of Broadway closer every time.

PI: Sylvester’s Greatest Hits is being re-released, did you plan for You Make Me Feel…Concert’s second showing to coincide with the album.

AW: No. It’s just ironic that it’s happening at the same time. Knowing that Sylvester’s music lives on give us great joy. We are excited to bring forth a show that allows people to get up, stomp their feet, scream out from joy and, for 90 minutes, be taken on a fantastic journey with the man behind the music and the fabulosity.

PI: How did you prepare for this show?

AW: Many emails, calls, text, press releases and late nights working hard and getting the word out. In preparing for this, I am proud of my Band and Cast for believing in the project from the beginning and staying loyal to the heart of the piece. Communication is the key to everything when it comes to preparation. That’s where it all begins. Everything else falls into place.

PI: Your life partner is the Costume Designer for this show; what guidance or special instruction did you offer him with regards to the fabulous Sylvester’s wardrobe? Did he follow your advice?

AW: Yes, Kendrell Bowman is the Costume Designer but he’s also the Creative Director for the show. Yes, I am Directing the show, but being in the middle of everything, you get so caught up and you need that other person to be honest and tell you what works and doesn’t. He is a master at that. With the wardrobe, that is his forte and his specialty, so I, honestly, had little to say about it. Comfort was all I wanted, but in fashion, Glam and Comfort don’t coincide.  The looks and presentation he’s put together for me and the girls in the show is impeccable and it gives us the real, genuine feel and essence of that era.

PI: What is your ultimate goal for the show?

AW: The sky’s the limit for this show. When it was first performed, it was just an idea and now it’s become a full fledge musical powerhouse. We are see a Broadway engagement in the future with our sites set on reaching the overseas Demographic.

PI: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

AW: “YOU MAKE ME FEEL MIGHT REAL: A SYLVESTER CONCERT” will move you, dance you and inspire you in ways you will never know. If you’ve never experienced it, NOW is the time and if you have before, then you know how magical of an evening it will be on June 30th in NYC. Don’t miss it! Kendrell and I have been working really hard since people first told us that they wouldn’t be part and that we wouldn’t make it. Here we are still standing after traveling around the country to sell out houses. Anything is possible when you are focused and have a partner who believes in you just as much as you believe in them. Teamwork makes the Dream work.

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