Body Boyz United

Body Boyz United (BBU)  was founded in 2009 by Sydney “Flexx” Porter, of Elite Man Entertainment. BBU was established to fill a void where sexy, fit and masculine gay men of color could come together party and bond with other like-minded men who were into fitness and sports. The annual event takes place around July 4th  complete with glitz, glam and a plethora of eye candy under the bright lights of Las Vegas. Porter, the professor of fitness, with a Masters degree in Bodyology, recently called class into session as he chatted with us about his vision for BBU, so sit up and pay close attention there will be a pop quiz afterwards.

PRIDEINDEX: Why did you choose Las Vegas to host your event rather Muscle Beach or other sites?
Body Boyz United (BBU):
Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capitol of the World! It’s like a magnificent 21st Century ‘Oz’ with neon lights,  thousands of people walking up and down the strip, a celebrity hot-spot and a city that truly never sleeps. Most important for BBU…it’s a city that many men of color have never visited…so it presents something new and exciting when our guest visit.

PRIDEINDEX: Other than fitness related events what else should one expect to see at your 2011 event.

BBU: Well, other than the hottest and sexiest body boyz on the planet…one can expect to experience an array of day and nightlife events from sizzling hot pool parties, dance to you drop nightclubs to an electrifying  Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show.

PRIDEINDEX:I noticed from your photos that you are in pretty good shape, how much do you bench press?

BBU: I bench press 245 plus…I have a small body frame, but strong! LOL

PRIDEINDEX: Who are BBU’s principals?

BBU: Sydney ‘Flex’ Porter, Founder/CEO

David Chandler, Chief Operations Officer

LaMont Wheat, Marketing & Business Director

James Creer, Event & Operations Director

Clark Fairfield, Creative & Branding Director

PRIDEINDEX:Is this a membership organization?  If so how does one become a member?

BBU: No, not at this time, but we do have plans to allow members to join in the future.

PRIDEINDEX: How did you become interested in bodybuilding and/or fitness/ have you ever competed professionally, if so what titles do you hold and where did you win?

BBU: Not a body builder, I’m just very committed to fitness. I got into lifting weight because I ran track in high school and college so weight training like all sports was mandatory to increase strength and power.

PRIDEINDEX: How does BBU differ from a circuit party or black pride event?

BBU: BBU differs from a circuit party and pride event because now it’s more than an event, it’s a company! Body Boyz United is an organization established by men of color to celebrate and inspire a lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness to empower the gay male community. Our annual celebration event during Independence Day Weekend is only one aspect of what we do to bring men from all over the world together to bond, party and celebrate health, fitness and wellness. Our mission is that when people see and hear the name Body Boyz United (BBU) everything that has to do with Fitness & Wellness comes to mind!

PRIDEINDEX:Are there any events on BBU’s 2011 roster targeted for women?

BBU: Unfortunately, not at this time. Right now it’s all about Body Boyz…

PRIDEINDEX: Do you have plans to expand to others or events beyond the July 4 weekend event?  If so when and where? 

BBU: Yes, Body Boyz United has some really great plans for the gay male community. I’m not able to share them right now for they are still in the works… but get ready we’re about  to blow your mind  and take Body Boyz United to the levels unheard of by gay men of color. BODY BOYZ UNITED….EMPOWERING U2BU!

PRIDEINDEX: What advice would you offer the average Joe (or Joanne) who might be interested in getting into shape?

BBU: To think about the all the results and benefits that exercise and the right nutrition can change your life: You’ll feel healthier, stronger and look great when you decide to incorporate getting into shape as part of your lifestyle.

 PRIDEINDEX: How do you address critics whom say that your event discriminates against fats and femmes?

BBU: I would say they have never attended a BBU event.  It’s true, the majority of the men attending are masculine in nature and are definitely giving you body! But make no mistake… everyone is welcomed and encourage to attend a Body Boyz United event. It doesn’t matter what race, gay or straight, if you’re fit or not so fit, fem or masculine! Our goal and mission is that everyone who attends have a great time, feels welcome, feels special and leave the event inspired and empowered to incorporate exercise and better food choices in their lives. Especially gay men of color men who have to deal with higher stress levels, high blood pressure and individuals living with HIV/AIDS….it’s extremely important to include fitness in one’s daily life.

 PRIDEINDEX:Where can I purchase a BBU calendar, DVD or video or guide to fitness or other merchandise?

BBU: You can purchase products and merchandise at the BBU’s Annual Event in Las Vegas July 4th Weekend 2011 and very soon our website.

PRIDEINDEX: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about BBU?
: Yes, we have great news for guys who have been working on that body for years and are looking for exposure. In 2011 BBU will be presenting our first Body Boyz Fitness Model Search Competition for guys to become an official Body Boyz Model Representative of the company. Outside of cash prizes and fitness products the winners will be featured in the 2012 BBU Male Fitness Calendar, Website, Promotions, Swimwear fashion shows and a chance to be featured in several magazines courtesy from our media partners. Detail information on how one can register for the competition will be provided on the BBU’s face book page and website soon!