Entertainers Profile: Artez Bonet

Artez Bonet is a 31 year old lip synch performance artist from Albany, Georgia, now living in Atlanta, Georgia. As a male entertainer/performer he uses the name Artez Tajoure Bonet and has worked in numerous clubs throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area honing and promoting his craft. He has also worked successfully as a model and has had even greater success competing in the alternative lifestyle pageant circuit.

He first began performing under the tutelage of Artez Iman Sherrington where Donti Iman Sherrington and Bambi Mays were his first parents. Although he still loves them dearly, he apparently lost contact with them when he moved to Atlanta.

He has since met several new family members that have taken him under their wing and groomed him into the entertainer he is today. He is now the son of Jerwan Bonet. He is a member of the House of Tajoure where Tiarra Tajoure is Mother of the House. He is also the adopted son of Maxine Blue and the God Son of Damoni Hall Dickerson and Natasha Braxton. He himself is the proud father of eight sickening (fierce) kids whom he loves dearly (DeVaughn Tajoure Bonet, Bam Dior Bonet Monroe, Lamar St. James Bonet, Mhale’Zah Anaquaway Bonet, Torrean Paris Bonet, Serenity Bonet Chanel, Infiniti St. James Bonet, Eunyque Allure Bonet),one adopted child (Scarletta LaBella Mafia) and two God sons (Trevion Cavali and Sionna Iman Santi).

Artez enjoys traveling to and entertaining in other cities across the country. He has graduated from the newcomer status in competitive level of pageantry all thanks to his wonderful family and due to the grooming he has received from D’wess Productions and Stars of the Century. Artez is currently the reigning Mr. Pride International 2010 (Atlanta, Ga) His past titles have included, Newcomer 1999 (Albany, GA), Mr. Albany International Mr. Thug 2000 (Albany, GA), Mr. Good Life City 2000(Albany, GA) Mr. Albany Sweetheart 2001 (Albany, GA), Mr. Regal International Newcomer 2006 (Birmingham, AL), Mr. D’ Elegence International Newcomer 2006 (Memphis, TN), Mr. Marquette Sweetheart 2007 (Atlanta, GA), Mr. Atlanta King of Hearts 2007 (Atlanta, GA), Mr. Pride International Newcomer 2007 (Atlanta, GA), Mr. International Rose City 2008 (Thomasville, GA), Mr. Show Stoppers 2008 (Valdosta, GA), Mr. Fayetteville Gay Pride 2009 (Fayetteville, NC), Mr. Elite International 2009 (Memphis, TN).

PRIDEINDEX: How long have you been performing?

BONET: I have been performing for twelve years. 

PRIDEINDEX: Why did you choose this professional?

BONET: I began performing when I entered my first talent show and from that point on have been very devoted to the craft.

PRIDEINDEX: Do you have any influences or mentors?

BONET: I have known many influential entertainers that have groomed me and helped me along the way in this industry Rdarius Black, Joe Jackson, Al Milan Dupree, Raquell Lord, Jasmine Bonet, Sergio Santi, Jerwan Bonet.  Jerwan Bonet is my mentor and gay father, but first and foremost he is my friend and he is not only a part of my gay life but he is also a part of my everyday life.  I love him dearly and I know that I can always call on him.

PRIDEINDEX: What are some of the challenges or obstacles you’ve face as a performer and how you have overcome them?

BONET: The only challenges and obstacles I have faced are being able to live my life to the fullest and appreciate everything GOD have blessed me with. I always strive to remain humble; this is a virtue that Jerwan has taught me

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about the process that you go through to prepare a routine to perform in a show as well as your process for clothing/costume and music selection? 

BONET: I am a much laid back entertainer.  I am also a dancer and when I prepare for my shows I inquire about the venue and the type of crowd that comes to the shows before I make a song selection. My costuming choices will follow suit, for dance or upbeat numbers, I wear something that I can move around in and I will usually enhance my face with makeup for a more animated or dramatic look.  For slow sexy numbers I tend to wear more revealing costumes. For the more laid back, suave numbers I like to wear nice slacks and a sexy shirt; maybe top it off with a hat. For my gospel numbers I will typically wear suits, or slacks with a shirt, tie and vest or something very church like.

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about the process that you go through to prepare yourself to compete in a pageant, and your process for clothing/costume and music selection? 

BONET: Depending on the various circumstances of the pageant or the pageant venue, I will inquire about the system, performers, judges, etc. The Presentation category will usually determine what type of look I will go for.  I prepare for any title or performance all the same whether it is a club title or a national title because any one can be defeated.

PRIDEINDEX: While taking a peak at your face book page I could not help but notice some of the elaborate costumes you have worn in past performances, who make your clothes?

BONET: Taejah LaBelle Thomas makes my costumes, other clothes I get from thrift stores and I put my own creativity to them depending on the type of shows I perform.

PRIDEINDEX: What do you do to keep in shape, do you work out?   

BONET: I eat healthy and I do a lot of walking and I practice my songs around the house and try to stay energetic.

PRIDEINDEX: Name at least 3 female illusionist artists that have most affected your artistic style?

BONET: Niesha Dupree, Raquel Lord, and Jasmine Bonet

PRIDEINDEX: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

BONET: Hopefully retired from entertaining and assisting my kids and other upcoming entertainers who compete in pageants to become as successful as I plan to be. Also to be a mentor to other entertainers.

PRIDEINDEX: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about you, where do you perform on a regular basis or where can your fans see you in action? 

BONET: I get booked out a lot to other cities. I am not currently in a cast, but in the city of Atlanta, I perform at club 91 on Wednesdays and Fridays sometimes. I enjoy traveling and I love entertaining so if anyone is interested in booking me, I can be contacted at artez1999@yahoo.com. 

For more information visit www.facebook.com/artezbonet