Peaches Christ is All About Evil

Peaches Christ is All About Evil
Playing in San Francisco on October 21, –  October 24, 2010.
Tickets cost $20 visit goes to great lengths to bring you the finest entertainment from our LGBT  bretheren so it is only natural that we recognize Peaches Christ Productions and the premiere of  ALL ABOUT EVIL as it makes it’s way across the United States for the ultimate “4-D” experience.

Peaches Christ (Joshua Grannell) gained fame as the zany emcee of Midnight Mass, a wildly popular underground movie event featuring cult film classics that began in San Francisco in 1998.  Peaches Christ brings her unique style of entertainment to a pre-show stage production which could best be described as a vaudeville  show meets The Price Is Right complete with prizes and celebrity appearances which was meant to height the movie experience.

Grannell makes his directorial debut on the big screen in ALL ABOUT EVIL, a love letter to slasher flicks, he is join by Mink Stole a gay icon from the John Waters films (Desperate Living and Serial Mom) Grannell,  Stole and an ensemble cast of players have been touring to country to bring their Midnight Mass style show to each city.  We caught up with him just days before their Chicago premiere without further ado here’s what what he shared.

PRIDEINDEX: I understand the film has played in several markets this past summer, where else do you plan to take the show?
GRANNELL: Let’s see we were in DC, Minneapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Evil has played everywhere, and we’re going to Manchester, England.

PRIDEINDEX: All About Evil co-stars Mink Stole, who else stars in the film?
GRANNELL: Evil, co-stars Cassandra Peterson (Evira Mistress of the Dark), Natasha Lyonne (American Pie) and others.

PRIDEINDEX: Were there any challenges encountered while making this film?
GRANNELL: This film was a lot of fun to make but very exhaustive. Without giving away too much of the film, you can see from the poster that Mink Stole’s mouth is sewn shut she was a dear to work with she let us toss her around a bit and she never complained about it.  In the end making this film has been one of the most stressful challenges and draining experiences for me but it has also been one of the most rewarding,  fullfilling experiences.

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about your first film and your background.
GRANNELL: My first film was called Jizz Mopper about a guy who was down on his luck working in a porno shop. While in highschool I was trained by an improvasational theater troupe who taught me everything about timing in comedy. I attended Penn State.

PRIDEINDEX: How did you come up with the name ‘Peaches Christ?”
GRANNELL : I went to Catholic School as a child, it was the whole nine yards with nuns as teachers etc.  I knew I was a queer, that I was different,  unique, odd.  Peaches was a character that I played. I came up with name for shock value, I thought to myself that I may as well choose the ultimate sacr-religious character;  it would start something that could pay off in a really big way.

PRIDEINDEX: Do you have any influences?
GRANNELL: Yes, John Waters, horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street,  all things that are gothic, characters such as  Elvira,  Freddie Krueger and Pee-Wee Herman.

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about your relationship with your co-star Mink Stole? 
GRANNELL:I’ve known Mink Stole for about 10 years, she was the first celebrity to come to Midnight Mass, she embraced the spirit of our show, so one day we decided to do a tribute show in her honor. She came to show and we had a good time so she came back several times and we became good friends.

PRIDEINDEX: What were some of the gimmicks, wacky and outlandish things you’ve done to add to the experience of Midnight Mass?
GRANNELL: During the opening of Dreamgirls I jumped out of a valcano!  And just before the screening of Mommie Dearest we had a Mother vs. Daughter wrestling match.

PRIDEINDEX: What do you like to when you’re not performing?
GRANNELL:I like going to the movies, reading, eating out. I leave the crazy stuff for my stage persona. I enjoy going out and not being recognized as Peaches Christ.

PRIDEINDEX: What was the last good movie you saw?

PRIDEINDEX: What’s playing in your CD Player?
GRANNELL: Indie Rock, Robert Smith and the Cure. (Laughs) I am becoming like my parents listening to some of the old stuff. It is  good stuff. (Laughs)

PRIDEINDEX: Any advice for up and coming female illusionist artist?
GRANNELL: I would advise a person who wants to get into this business to learn to do their own make-up and find out your own style.  You can hire someone to make a wig or make a dress but you will not always be able to take a make-up artist on the road with you.  And learn what you love to do and go for it!  You do not have to be a great lip-synch artist, female impersonator, emcee and fashionista all rolled up in one, find yourself.   I’ve always said that it takes a village to raise a drag queen.

PRIDEINDEX: Lessons for would be filmmakers?
GRANNELL: You have to get out there and start making films and find your way. There’s no black and white answers, no set set of rules if you want to produce film noir, comedy or dramedy, you have to get out there.  There is editing software, you can make films for your friends and family and learn what works, what’s real scary, or how to create suspense.  And you could put your movie on Youtube.  And realize that it is unlikely that you will get the budget right away to make a feature film; finding the financing and distribution for any independent film is not easy.